Healing Naturally Or With Medicine?

If you’ve ever had an illness, either short or long term, you’ve probably done plenty of research for yourself on the types of treatment out there. There are usually both natural and medicinal methods of healing yourself – but which one should you go for?

About Natural Methods

Using a natural method to heal yourself is great for certain illnesses. Maybe you suffer with migraines, or you have some form of chronic pain. Studies actually show that people who take medicine for these things still improved when they took a placebo. This shows that largely, feeling better is all in your head!

By making sure you eat natural, whole foods and get regular exercise, you could heal your body naturally and release plenty of endorphins. There are also different herb blends and things that could help you depending on what your problem is. If you have something simple like a headache, then drinking a large glass of water rather than taking tablets is a better idea.

About Medicinal Methods

Many people will say that you should try natural methods first, and it’s definitely a good idea to do this. However, you shouldn’t completely avoid medicinal methods of healing. In some cases, using both natural methods and medicinal methods, you can improve your condition. However, it’s important to remember that many medicinal methods simply treat symptoms, rather than the illness itself. That being said, some methods are very effective. Look at the infographic below for some clinical breakthroughs that might surprise you!

credit to The George Washington University

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