Healthy living tips to keep you in top shape

There is no disputing the facts – we are all living longer these days. Projected life spans are increasing year by year and many children born today can expect to see their one-hundredth birthday.

If we are living longer, does it not make sense that we live well too? Nobody knows the true secret to a long and healthy life, because we are all different. However, there are some basic building blocks for healthy living that we can establish to ensure we flourish and thrive in our longevity. Take note of the following tips for keeping mind and body in top shape for years to come…


You are what you eat

Yes, it is a tired old cliché, but nevertheless true. If you fuel your body on healthy nutritional foods, you will feel the benefit in many ways. Choosing a diet low in saturated fats, salt and sugar will help you to avoid debilitating conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and morbid obesity. Cutting down on red meat, replacing it with lean protein such as chicken and fish will benefit your health, as will regularly eating oily fish such as mackerel and sardines. A diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, and beans is known to encourage good health. Boost your system with extra nutrition from nuts and seeds, and high fiber, complex carbohydrate foods. Also aim to keep the body hydrated to ease transit of food through the bowel as well as keep skin looking youthful.

Essential exercise

Regular exercise is key to keeping in top shape as it helps keep muscles strong and your cardiovascular system healthy. Aerobic exercises such as swimming, running, or cycling are good for fitness, but you also need to work on keeping the muscular/skeletal systems in the body fit, strong and supported. Stretching activities such as yoga and pilates help enormously with core strength and posture issues. Core strength is important for retaining ease and range of movement as we age, as well as strengthening balance. Likewise, poor posture can have health implications such as increased risk of headaches, asthma and arthritis. Problems with spinal health and posture can be eased with regular exercise and respond well to chiropractic care such as that provided by Healthquest Chiropractic.


Work hard to take it easy

Our busy lives make it difficult to take time out sometimes, but we would feel so much healthier if we could. Fatigue and low energy levels have a negative impact on all areas of our life. Having regular sleep patterns and taking time to relax helps lower blood pressure and lessen stress. Give yourself a chance at a better night’s sleep by cutting out caffeine after lunch, not eating too close to bedtime and taking a warm bath before you hit the sheets.

Smile inside

Emotional well-being affects our physical health too. Help yourself to stay happy and positive by seeing friends regularly, frequently exercising (it floods the body with endorphins – the happy hormones) and indulging in hobbies that interest and stimulate you.

Staying in top shape is all about keeping these four topics covered. Combine a good diet with an exercise regime, regular sleep and emotional well-being and you will feel like you too could live to be a hundred…


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