Helpful Hints For Creating An Awesome Business Logo

When done right, a business logo has the ability to capture a customer’s attention. It embeds itself in their mind, working as a powerful promotional tool for your company. Every successful company needs a good logo. Apple has the famous apple sign. Even Google’s logo is distinctly memorable despite its basic nature. You’re next on the list for this treatment, and we’re going to help you to create something awesome.

It Needs To Be Unique

Anyone can create a dull logo that does the job but doesn’t imprint itself on anyone’s mind. Your logo needs to have a unique quality to it, even if it isn’t all that unique in of itself. Let’s look at Evernote – a company specializing in note-taking software. Their logo is very basic. It’s simply the name of the company with the picture of an elephant above it. However, the elephant has a unique design to it, making it a memorable addition to the logo. Use this as inspiration.


What’s Your Tagline?

Not every logo comes packed with a tagline, but a good proportion of them do. Think of McDonald’s’ “I’m Lovin’ It” tagline, for example. If you can create something that is catchy and memorable, it might just enhance your logo further. The logo itself is the most important consideration, but this can still be a very helpful tactic.

Simple Is Better

Let’s go back to those two examples I gave in the opening of this article. Apple and Google are two of the biggest companies in the world. You might think that bigger is better, but that statement doesn’t apply in this case. Apple’s logo is nothing but a partly-eaten apple. Google’s logo is simply the name of the brand with a unique design. In most cases, going for a simple design will benefit your company more than an elaborate one.

Put Some Purpose Behind It

You don’t want to be in a position in the future where you can’t explain your logo. Picture the scene. You’re in a meeting with a lot of wealthy business people. They’re fascinated by your logo, and question you about the story. If you haven’t got one, it takes away from the impressive nature of the design. Your logo can represent your company with subtle details that might normally go unnoticed. That’s the sort of thing that will impress those acquaintances of yours.

Protect It At All Costs!

Once you’ve got the logo, it’s time to lock it down. Along with your company name, website and much more, you need to keep it protected. You can look to a trademark attorney for this task if you wish, which will secure your trademark going forward. Then, if anyone else tries to plagiarize your logo, you’ll be covered and can file a case against them. If you don’t take the time to do this, you’ll be leaving your company open to a degree of risk.

That’s really all there is to it, folks. Creating an awesome business logo isn’t difficult, but you’ll need to get your creative mind into gear. We’re sure you’ll end up with something brilliant!


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