Here Is Why You Should Go Camping In Australia

When you think Australia, you think wildlife and how intrusive they are but this is also one of the reasons why people like Australia. The wildlife, lush rainforests, and pristine coastlines have become one of the world’s most prominent camping destination. The starry skies and being surrounded by natural wonders make tourists long for the camping experience. If not already on your bucket list, make the addition. Australia is a very large country, so large the different parts of the country have different seasons. The versatility of the area instills the need for thorough preparation if you need to know the most essential things you will be needing for your trip, read travel essentials for backpacking trips to Australia. Be it a family getaway, romantic weekend away or solo trip, getting away under the canvas is the ultimate dream of most people; camping for Aussies is more of a cultural thing which is also very practical. Australia is a good getaway site due to its sunshine, natural environment, clean air, a combination of this along with friendly people who can do wonders to your well-being.

Accommodation options outside of the main cities are limited to motels and motor inns so camping just seems to be a better fit and comes with loads of advantages. This article aims to help you make the best decision you can make on your trip to Australia; which is camping, it is the best way to enjoy the Australian experience which mostly encourages an outdoor lifestyle and more importantly, it might be a new type of holiday for you.

Although Australia is a very large area, planning trips in the country can be pretty easy with several major tourist spots especially in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Booking camping trips online is also so easy and there is a wide range of campgrounds, caravan parks, and camper-friendly locations to select from.


Australia covers about 7.6 million square kilometers, it is such a huge place and exploring the land is a dream come true for Aussies. To explore this beautiful landscape, camping might be the only practical option since you can drive between towns and settlements and not find a single form of accommodation. But you will always find beaches, creeks, and landscapes where you can stay, bear in mind that not all these places are free to make your inquiries and seek permission before making your tents on just about any land.


One of the beauties of camping is becoming so unattached from the world and just fully immersing oneself self in nature and its beauty. Australia has always been a top choice for tourists due to its many beautiful landscapes but which better way to appreciate nature than camping than get closers to nature: gazing at starry skies, enjoying the clean fresh air. 


One of the major reasons people go camping is for the adventure, the thrill of experiencing new things and coming in touch with the unexpected. Aussies love a bit of outdoor adventure so camping is often teamed up with activities like surfing, kayaking, fishing etc. 


Camping is a lot cheaper than booking a hotel, resort etc. especially if it is a family trip. Australia, generally, is an expensive country to vacation in but finding a cheap or free camping ground is not such a difficult task.  Although camping equipment can sometimes be really expensive, they are a good investment because you can use them over a long period of time. 

Whether it is a hiking, cycling, car camping, wheel driving, motorhome or caravan camping. At the end of the day, nothing beats an outdoor camping experience, it is priceless. Have a ton of fun; get into a lot of the activities; that is one of the beauties of camping, upload pictures and share your experiences on social media and let family and friends back home swoon over what they are missing. Remember to be security conscious. Although campgrounds are mostly safe spaces, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and do not forget to pack your sunscreen and mosquito repellant.  

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