Here’s How Affordable it can be to Holiday like a Celeb

If there’s one thing that celebrities do right, it’s the way that they holiday, and it can be easy to be jealous when you see pictures of them in incredible accommodation, lying on boats or frolicking outside a mansion.

Here’s the thing though: You don’t need to be a celebrity to holiday like one, and it can be surprisingly affordable to enjoy all the benefits of a luxurious holiday home- without needing to hide from the paparazzi.

Schofields has developed an excellent infographic which features just a few of the amazing accommodation options available for everyday people.


One of the most impressive is the Casa Elizabeth Luxury Estate, which you’ll find in Palm Springs, California. The home has photos of the star, along with some of her priceless possessions and oil paintings. Up to 8 people can sleep in the stunning house, which is an excellent choice all year around- with an amazing fireplace, a spa and pool, and of course, beautiful views. Each person can stay at this property for a week for just £372.

Another option is the Merv Griffin Estate, which you’ll find in the Santa Rosa Mountains, and has 13 bedrooms and an equestrian compound. Up to 20 people can stay here for just £1,375, enjoying the infinity pool, private pond (complete with paddle boating) and sun terraces.

Need a creative retreat? You need the Rubber House, which you’ll find in Accord, New York. This inspirational space was once owned by WiIlem Defoe, an Oscar winner, and has gorgeous views over private woods and meadows, a glass chef’s kitchen, floor to ceiling windows, a studio, and even a “writer’s tower” so you can get some serious work done. You’ll find two bedrooms here, sleeping up to 4 guests and costing just £586 per person per week.


Need some time on your own private island? Consider the “home away from home” of Richard Branson, if you want to really holiday like a celebrity. Necker Island is located in the Caribbean, and a popular choice for celebrities, with a wide range of activities, ready for your stay in the British Virgin Islands. This is a good spot for a massive event, since up to 30 guests can stay, although you’ll need to have a pretty big budget at £9,928 per person for the week.

Always fancied yourself as the type of person who stays on a yacht? The Ohana Pacific has been chartered by One Direction, and has a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms meaning six people can sleep on board for just a teeny £144 per week.

Feel like some luxury? Consider the countryside in Florence Il Palagio, and stay in a beautiful 16th century villa, owned by Sting and Trudie Styler. You’ll enjoy a massive swimming pool and lake to cool off in, a tennis court, and the tennis court. Up to 50 guests can be slept for weddings and holiday rentals for £183 per person. Want to learn more about the many places you can stay and holiday like a celeb? Check out this post.




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