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Most tourists who want to have a holiday in Europe go to France, Spain, Italy or Greece. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; after all these places really are beautiful. But if you want to spend time in other parts of Europe, Croatia is an excellent option, too.

Croatia is like the patty of a burger because it is surrounded by many countries. One part is within Central Europe and the other side faces the Adriatic Sea and Italy.  This means that it’s pretty affordable to get Monarch flight to Croatia as you can fly in from lots of different countries. It is indeed an interesting place and there are loads of activities waiting for you there. You can list these in your itinerary:

Croatia Bridge


Go to inland Croatia

Croatia is mostly known for its beaches and other coastal attractions. Of course, you’re more inclined to go there first. But it would also be a great experience to try visiting the heart of Croatia. You can go to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, and enjoy strolling around the old parts of the city. The Dolac Market and Ben Jelačić Square are good places where you can shop. There are a couple of museums in Zagreb and they’re worth checking out too. While you’re in the capital, you can try eating struklgi, which is this unique pastry dish in Croatia.

Few hours’ drive to the north from Zagreb is the Medvednica Mountain, which is a nature park. You can ski there in winter but for most part of the year, you can just go up there for a hike and revel in the gorgeous landscape.

Island hopping in coastal Croatia

The coastal part of Croatia, the big chunk of it is the region of Dalmatia, is the major hub for tourists. It is famous for its Mediterranean-like climate and ambience. This part of Croatia is definitely brimming with life with all the beaches, historical towns, and islets. Instead of taking Croatia flights around the country, you can see it by ferry which is a lot of fun.

Dubrovnik might just be the most popular tourist destination in the region. There really is no need to be so specific on where to go in Dubrovnik. Just walk on its cobbled streets and go where your feet take you. Few of the notable places are Rector’s Palace, the walls, and the Minceta Tower. Similar places like Dubrovnik are Havr, Split, Zadar, Korcula, and Pula.

Croatia Beach


Enjoy nature’s best

Croatia has many pretty places that are quite historic, the cobbled streets, Roman buildings, red rooftops – you know the whole package. But there’s more. Croatia also has eight nature parks that are just as beautiful, perhaps, even more.

Plitvice Lakes is one of these nature parks. From the name itself, Plitvice is this group of lakes that are interconnected. There are plenty of little waterfalls, too, in the area. You can go hiking between the lakes or you can go boating.  

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