Home Additions For Summer Fun

With summer on the horizon, it is the perfect time to start planning some home changes to make sure you can get all you can out of it. Now is the time, because if you think of things to change and implement in summer, it won’t really be until the following summer that you get to enjoy it. You need to think all changes to your home through. Think about how they will impact the value of your home, how will it impact on family life, etc. If it ticks all of the boxes then go for it. There are all sorts of things you can add to your home to make it better throughout the summer and this article highlight only a few of them. You’ll think of your own additions too no doubt, and these can give you the inspiration to do so.

One of the best, yet worst things about summer is the heat. It can get pretty intense, especially if you live somewhere hot already. Getting a pool can circumvent this issue. An outside pool is great, but an indoor one can be used all year around. You can see some examples at compass pools. The construction process can be invasive, which is why it is best get it out of the way now before going through with it. By doing it this way you can help design the exact pool you want, just be ready to cope for a few weeks with builders around your home. Once the installation is complete you’ll be ready to enjoy summer. You can always get a temporary pool, these can be the better option if you live somewhere that doesn’t get much fun.

With kids running around you could build a treehouse. You will be a hero. They will have their own place to chill out and relax. You can approach this in a few different ways. If you have a knack for creation you can do it yourself. Or, you can hire someone to build the treehouse. You need to decide whether it will be a treehouse that is essentially planking, or a bigger one that has interiors. The latter is the more complex, and you need to have the trees there to hold its weight but it can be a wonderful addition to the garden and give the kids hours of playtime.

You could consider installing a patio area for a barbeque and seating area. If there’s space, you should look at incorporating a patio heater, which means you can stay outside for longer as the day drawn on and gets chilly. Think of different things, like swingsets, and outside games you can use for fun not just for the kids, but the adults too. A great garden area is brilliant in the summer. Consider an awning or a gazebo to complete the effect and provide shade where needed. It can be a super hit at the parties. The pool coupled with these other hits will make your garden and home the most popular in the neighbourhood.

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