Hotel Reservations Come Cheap When Buying From People Who Can’t Use Theirs

Sometimes I’m hit by the travel bug, and I start making extensive plans in my head. This happens regardless of whether or not I can afford it. I find myself trawling through hotel bookings sites, looking for the perfect deal, but with no real plan of following through.

It struck recently, although I knew it wasn’t the time for a trip. Nonetheless, I searched on Kayak, thinking I might just find something there. I came across a service called Roomer, which I’d never heard of before. Intrigued, I had a look, and found deals which seemed too good to be true.

But they were all legitimate, as proven by their recent inclusion as one of USA Today’s top 3 hotel apps/websites. It’s made possible through an incredibly innovative idea.

Millions of hotel rooms are left vacant – despite being paid for


The Roomer website informed me about a very common situation. Cancelled hotel rooms. Okay, so that’s nothing new. What interested me was the extent of the problem, and the happy consequences.

Everyone has had to cancel a trip at some point. You plan a long-awaited vacation, and just days before you’re stopped in your tracks. Maybe there’s an emergency. Maybe a celebration, or big business deal. Whatever the reason, your holiday is ruined, and when you phone the hotel to let them know, they remind you of their no-refund policy. You agreed to it, of course.

It’s frustrating, and can disillusion even the most unflappable traveler, but there’s nothing you can do.

It turns out that this scenario happens so often that it negatively impacts the global tourism industry. In the U.S. alone, 220 000 hotel reservations are cancelled every day!

The unexpected upside, on which Roomer bases its service, is that at any moment there’s a huge chance that your ideal hotel room is about to be left unused.

I benefitted from someone else’s misfortune


Theoretically, it made sense to me. The frustrated traveler, who has the room that I want, won’t be getting his money back from the hotel. He’s willing to sell at discounted rates, to anyone he can find.

Easier said than done.

I’m an optimistic person, but the idea that I could find someone on the verge of cancelling my perfect hotel room was just ridiculous. Even if I did, I’d be a fool to trust them – they might be lying about the details, or the existence of the reservation at all. And I wouldn’t give them my credit card number.

What Roomer have done, is find a way to actually make this not only practical, but stress-free.

Roomer’s hotel-marketplace

I found this page on Roomer where all the heavily discounted hotel deals around the world. You Probably would want to take a look there as well.

By using their service, you can take a cheap vacation that doesn’t come with discomfort and stress.

My browsing brought me across a room I really wanted, at a discount of 73%. Think the quality was poor? It was a 4-star hotel And that wasn’t the best deal available. There was an 81% discount – on a 5-star hotel!

Roomer get’s what I wanted

Once I’d found the room, the rest was hassle and stress-free. Not only was booking as simple as on any other site, it was also more secure, both in terms of money and the accuracy of the booking. Roomer uses an automated authentication system, which ensures that the seller and hotel weren’t misleading me.

Payment was also very secure. I still have no idea who or where the seller was. Roomer got all the admin out of the way without us ever exchanging details.

Plenty of vacations to look forward to


By saving on one hotel booking, I ensured that I’ll be able to satisfy the travel bug more and more often. Instead of saving up for the ideal vacation, I can travel spontaneously, and the trip will still be worth it. Roomer lists hotel rooms throughout the world – no location is off the charts.

It turns out that cancelled bookings are bad for the hotel industry, as they lose revenue that would have been made during the person’s stay. Therefore, they also have a stake in ensuring their hotel rooms are filled. Many hotels have partnered with Roomer, and some great discounts are exclusively available through Roomer’s website.

Traveling does not need to be an occasional luxury anymore. Take a look at Roomer’s service, and it will soon be the only way you travel.

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