How and Why Improving Workplace Culture Can Have a Highly Positive Impact on Overall Productivity

The term ‘culture’ signifies a completely unique identity that is based upon various shared values. These values are part of any specific society at any particular point in time. It does not matter if the business entity may be employing either two individuals or two hundred. If there is a culture that is not conducive to the shared values of the employees, not just from an organizational viewpoint, but also as Australians, then overall productivity will definitely be impaired, both in the short as well as long term. Let us see exactly how positive cultures can significantly improve productivity in the workplace:

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  • Positive Work Cultures Actually Lead to Really Happy Employees

Whenever an employee dreads going to work first thing in the morning, then odds are that such a person will inevitably be dragging his or her feet throughout the working day. Such a person will constantly check the clock so that they can punch out the minute their workday is over. In other words, they will put in the bare minimum of effort required to keep their job. They would never want to go over and above to show their skills or get ahead. Here workplace culture and productivity plays a fairly significant role in ensuring a more able and motivated workforce

This is the part where workplace culture comes into the picture. Once the management establishes a work culture that staff members would be excited to be part of, or would love to contribute to, then they will walk to work with a spring in their step. Here, it is pertinent to note that the ‘happy’ staff member is far more likely to exceed expectations then an unhappy one. Therefore, a more positive work culture can get more work done quickly and efficiently.

  • Lower Turnover Rate

When the staff members of an organization are really happy with their jobs, they are all the more likely to stick to their place of work.  This means a lower turnover rate and less time spent in training new employees so that they could achieve the same level of efficiency, as their more established counterparts. When employees are replaced multiple times, it leads to a loss of morale as well as a downturn in productivity.

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  • Positive Work Cultures Are Also Able to Actively Inspire Creativity

There is a hierarchy in virtually every business organization with different employees reporting to their seniors. However, exactly how this hierarchy is implemented plays an important role in recognizing and harnessing creativity. If it is too rigid and compartmentalised, it will have an adverse effect on creativity and vice versa. This in turn will have really negative effect on the work culture of the organization as a whole.

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