How Often Should Your Puppy Be Groomed

Grooming can be essential for both short and long hair dogs. You want to ensure that they’re clean and well-kept since this can cause multiple problems not only for your home, but also for your dog. When you keep them clean, you keep them healthy. Knowing more about dog grooming can be essential when you own a dog or puppy, and want to ensure that you’re sticking to a schedule. Here are some tips that you can use for puppy grooming to keep everyone in the home happy and healthy, including your little K9 companion.


Dog Grooming Tips to Know for Your Pup

When it comes to dog grooming, many people just assume that it means getting the dogs fur cut or trimmed. This is not all that goes into grooming. You can expect to bathe your pup once a month, or more depending on the length of the dogs’ hair and their dirty level. You should also ensure that you cut their nails every other week, as well as brush them to keep them well maintained. It is much like having a child. You want to ensure that they look and smell nice, but it is also good for their hygiene as a whole. If you skip out on these parts, you might find that they become smelly, depressed and could become matted if they have longer fur.


Never skip out on puppy grooming when the time comes. It is something that they need to have done. For more dog grooming advice, the best options for puppy board and train in Santa Monica, tips or tricks; check out what The Loved Dog has to offer. You can ensure that your pup has the best looking coat on the block, while also ensuring that they’re not sickly, depressed or smelly. This is always a good thing when you have a pup living in your home.



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