How the Private Jet Industry is Shaking Up the Way We Travel

Travelling abroad is a luxury beloved of the masses. Once, flying by any means was considered exotic, the reserve of only the upper classes, politicians, and the most successful businessmen. The digital age, however, has heralded massive changes to the very fabric of our lives, and today, anyone, irrespective of wealth or profession, can expect to take an annual holiday overseas. We all connect with friends in different countries, network with foreign contacts, and have access to all of the word’s most dazzling places – and we want to see them.

As travelling has become more accessible, the overall experience has been refined, so that we can now expect in-flight entertainment, hot meals, and reasonably roomy seats on even the most inexpensive journeys. The luxury end of the sector has experienced a similar evolution, and today’s private jets are a wonder, so it should come as little surprise that they’re starting to shake up the way that we travel…


Sector Growth

Private jets remain the reserve of high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporates, but this hasn’t stopped their business from booming. In 2015, companies like Vista Jet experienced a huge surge in popularity, with double-digit growth and record numbers of passengers.

When we look at the way travel has evolved as a whole, this trend is easy enough to explain. More people are travelling than ever before, and this inevitably means longer queues, longer waiting times, and more delays. For those who cannot afford to waste time, this understandably makes private jets a vastly superior proposition, and those with the capital are proving happy to demonstrate this with their custom. Plus, thanks to the rising popularity of private jet fractional ownership, it has never been so easy for aspiring passengers to enjoy the trip of a lifetime in total luxury. Whether you are a frequent flier or are just planning a luxurious getaway, travelling via private jet could be the perfect solution for you.


An Enhanced Experience

Time saving benefits may be the main reason that the private jet sector is booming, but they’re not the only one. For those who lack the luxury of relaxing whilst they travel, they offer a far more tranquil and productive atmosphere than economy class alternatives, as well as a far superior set-up for strategizing with colleagues and contacts whilst in the air.

More than that, they are undeniably luxurious. The experience of travelling by private jet simply cannot be compared with the lack of leg room, screaming children, and snoring neighbours synonymous with ordinary air travel, and for those who have the necessary funds to bypass them, the former is a more appealing proposition by far.

If you can afford it, why not try travelling in style today?


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