How To Beat Brexit And Earn Money Abroad

Thursday June 23rd 2016 was a momentous day in recent British history. It was a day that the entire world sat up and shook itself wildly. No matter which way you voted and how you felt on hearing the outcome, the aftermath has been extraordinary. Plummeting currency rates are a key example of this and have left people worried about their security and foreseeable futures. But how can you get round this massive obstacle? Here’s a few tips how.

British businesses are also understandably worried about the state of their affairs especially those that trade abroad. However why not keep considering that start up you always wanted to do? Really I hear you cry. Surely now’s not the right time and place. Well how about getting into the world of currency trade? You could be ahead of the game financially. Brexit?! What Brexit?! Not sure on what this entails, do some research online or attend a forex trading course.


Alternatively, why not run your business abroad? There’s lots of hidden potential there and markets are there to be earmarked and discovered. If you have close foreign business contacts, get them to scout out areas that could be a perfect fit for your company. Don’t just rush in and relocate. A big move like this requires careful planning. You could start advertising to foreign businesses online via email or social media and see if you can build up contacts that way thus making the upheaval that extra bit smoother when the time does eventually arrive. You’re in luck that foreign companies have been looking for UK talent a lot more frequently since the Brexit decision, so go take full advantage of it. However, it’s vitally important that you learn at least the basics of the language of the country you are looking to move to. Nobody likes a maverick. God loves a trier. Business always runs smoother if there is no miscommunication in the slightest. If at any time you are not confident with your language skills, you must hire an interpreter. Your business will depend on it.

If the risk of business isn’t for you, then why not emigrate to a country that you’ve always wanted to go to and do some teaching abroad? We know you’ve always dreamed of it, pictured yourself sunbathing on that sandy beach and making everyone jealous at home so why not make that special step? Everyone in the world wants to speak English and Brexit has certainly not altered this decision. In Europe, if you have a degree and are native English, then you’re well on your way to livin’ la vida loca. If you want to go further afield and why not indeed, a TEFL or CELTA course is compulsory but easily achievable. Not only will you add another language to your bow but you will encounter an array of new, incredible experiences and pass on your knowledge to others too. The world is your oyster. Go explore it.

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