How To Carve A Career Path From Any Location

Despite what people say, it’s now possible to carve a good career from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be living in a city – providing you have a computer and internet access, you can carve a career path from the most remote village or run down area you can find. Digital technology has opened up new doors to everyone as some of the following methods show.

Study online

You no longer need to pack your bags and move across the country to find a university. Neither do you have to be restricted to your local uni if you want to work from home and commute. There are now distance learning programmes that allow you to study online from any location. This can help save money and allow more flexibility. Most online courses can be studied around other commitments such as family ties or a job, plus you don’t have to complete them in any set time unlike a standard course.


Working from home

Digital technology has also made working from home a much more possible feat in many trades from marketing to accountancy to journalism. Hiring staff virtually can work out both more financially sensible for the employer and employee. Files can be shared using cloud technology and communication can be made via video call programmes such as Skype. In fact, many businesses are now giving interview candidates the option to conduct an interview over Skype so you don’t even need to travel for this occasion. You’ll find work-from-home jobs on many job listing sites, whilst sites such as FlexJobs can provide more specific examples to choose from. In some jobs, security may be more at risk working from home, which may make the interviewing process a lot more rigorous resulting in you having to meet someone in person first.

Of course, it’s also possible to start your own business from home. The likes of Richard Branson have started global empires that originated from home. With a phone and a computer and a creative idea you can pretty much pursue most careers. Staff can be hired virtually, clients can be communicated with via phone and video-chat software and other processes can be outsourced. Working from home can have tax reduction benefits as well as cutting huge costs on office space and commuting.

Working whilst travelling

By this token, it’s pretty possible to travel the world funding yourself off of an online job, or educating yourself online as you travel. Wi-fi is becoming more accessible all around the globe with many third world countries even staying well-connected. You may have difficulty dealing with time zones, but for jobs where you make your own hours, this may not be so much of a problem.

There are issues with tax when travelling the world – you may get hit by double-taxation agreements in some place. Declaring yourself as a non-resident may be the only way to not get hit by this double tax. In most cases, you won’t have to pay tax on savings interest.

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