How to Complete an Assignment When Time is Running Out

When the clock is ticking, and you’re not sure how you’re going to complete your assignment on time, it can be stressful. Don’t despair, though. It’s best to stay calm and approach the challenge in a rational way. Taking on the task in any other way will only exacerbate your dilemma, so don’t waste time by worrying and fretting. Here’s a complete guide on how to finish your assignment when you haven’t got much time left.


Remain Calm

Your mindset is very important, so you need to get this right first of all. It’s common to feel panic and pressure when time is running down on your deadline. But this doesn’t have to get the better of you. If you have the right mindset, the challenge of completing your assignment will be so much easier. Your mind will be kept clear, so you’ll be ready to focus on the work that needs to be done. Try to remain positive in your outlook as well. If you act like your efforts are doomed to fail, then this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. By remaining positive, you’ll be more likely to achieve a positive outcome.

Take Notes and Expand On Them

When you are preparing to complete an essay, you should already have a set of notes to work from. These notes should be as detailed and comprehensive as possible. This allows you to simply expand on the notes when you are writing the actual essay itself. The stronger the preparation, the easier it will be for you to get the outcome that you’re looking for. If you don’t have these kinds of notes to expand on, your task of writing the essay will be harder work for you. It’s worth putting in that extra work at the start to make your life easier later on.

Reward Yourself

When you’re making progress with your assignment, you should reward yourself as you go. This makes a bigger difference than many people realise. You will give yourself something to look forward to when you reach a milestone. It could be whenever you reach a certain point in the word count of your essay, for example. If it’s something that provides you with an incentive to keep working, then it can only be a good thing. And you can reward yourself massively when the work you had to do is completely done and dusted. When that’s done, you’ll definitely deserve a reward.


Take Care of References As You Go Along

You’ll save a lot of time if you take care of references as you write your essay. There’s nothing worse than completing an essay and then realising that you need to go back and sort out the references. It’s quite a big task, but it’s so much easier to do it as you type. That way, you can make sure that you don’t miss any out. Doing that can cause you big problems, so you really don’t want that to happen. Every quote used needs to be accompanied by a footnote. And every book you use needs to be correctly referenced at the bottom of the essay. The Harvard referencing system is commonly used these days.

Get Help and Advice

You should also think about getting help and advice from people if you are struggling with your essay. Sometimes, getting a new perspective on your assignment can really help you to generate new ideas. It’s a better idea than simply sitting there staring at a blank piece of paper for too long. When time is running out, you need to act quickly and get advice from people who might be able to help. And if you’re really struggling, you might want to use essay writers. This can help when you simply don’t have the time to get the job done by yourself.

Remove Distractions

You really don’t want to be getting distracted when you are trying to take on an essay. When you are distracted, you cannot work. It’s as simple as that. And when you’re using a laptop, it’s easy to get distracted by social media or something like that. You should do everything you can do to shut down these distractions. Even something as simple as signing out of your social media accounts makes it slightly easier not to get distracted. The more you’re focused on the job at hand, the quicker it will all be over and done with. And that’s surely something that you want more than anything else as the deadline looms.


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