How To Create An Inspirational Home Office Space Within A Guest Bedroom

A spare bedroom can be left dormant for most of the year. We don’t always have guests staying and so that space doesn’t get utilised to the maximum. So why not make the space more usable by turning it into an inspirational office space? Many people now take an option of working from home. Or have computers that they use daily. We are all part of the digital age now. Even the most old schooll of us will still need a place to store important paperwork or write letters. Your spare bedroom can be the perfect place of this. Making it more user-friendly. Here is a quick guide on how to turn your spare bedroom into an inspirational home office space.


Change up the decoration.

If you will still be using the room for people to stay, then a nice clean colour palette would be the perfect choice for decoration. You could have a feature wall using a unique wall paper, or block colour paint the walls. A nice fresh decoration will smarten the room up and make it feel a more workable space.

Think about hidden or mobile furniture.

If the room will be used more like a home office than a guest bedroom then thinking about hidden furniture is a good place to start. This allows the room to be very multipurpose and a usable space for a specific use each time. You could consider things like fold away beds. Mobile desk and chairs. If the room has a strange shape or alcoves then built in wardrobes and cupboards can hide away things you don’t want on show.

Think about your flooring.

If you are considering mobile and hidden furniture, then your flooring will need to be considered. A wooden flooring could be just the thing to consider. Creating a large space and allowing the furniture to be moved easily can make the room very usable. You could consider a lovely light coloured flooring from Ted Todd Hardwood Floors. This could also make the room seem larger.


Use your wall space.

Using your wall space for hidden furniture like beds is one thing. But your walls have so many other uses that should be utilised. You could consider feature bookshelves or hang a TV on the wall.

Soft furnishings are key.

Use of pillows and nice soft furnishing details can make your guest bedroom and home office space visually appealing. Brighter colours will always make you feel more positive.

Make use of inspirational messages.

If you use vision boards, then display them. If you like particular positive quotes, then have them printed and framed. Display them with pride where you can see them. If this home office is for working from home then it’s best to surround yourself with inspirational and positive messages.

Vision boards are a great way to see where you want to go and what better place to display them as where you may spend a lot of time. Reminding yourself what you want to achieve out of life will only provide you more motivation to go out and achieve it.


Keep it a clutter-free zone.

Most people will agree that if they are working or in a messy space this can have a great effect on them. A messy home means a messy mind. The same could be said for your office space. You are less likely to be productive at home if you are surrounded by mess. If you decide not to hide the office or the furniture, then make sure the mess can be hidden. It goes without saying that you can’t be clutter-free all the time but if you can make sure that it all has a place then you are halfway there.

Be selective on the furniture you place in the room.

With a room having a dual purpose you need to be fairly select on the furniture you pick. Having furniture that is as multi-purpose as the room, is the key to bringing it all together. The room cannot be filled with too many things, so furniture that can be used for other purposes is a great idea. A side table that holds a lamp but also has plenty of draws for papers and pens. A lamp that can offer a bright and low light feature. One perfect for work, the other better for reading when spending a night in there.

With more and more people turning to the flexibility of working from home. I hope this guide will allow you to make use of a guest bedroom and make it more dual purpose. With a productive and inspirational workspace, you are sure to do great things.

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