How to Ditch the Excuses and Travel the World

Have you always dreamed of immersing yourself in a foreign culture? Can you imagine learning how to cook South Indian food at the source or tackling the Appalachian Trail? Perhaps going on safari and volunteering in Africa is more your style?

We might have piqued your interest, but you might be thinking about your cat, your career, or who would water your plants. We are here to find workable steps towards making your dreams of traveling the world a reality.

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When did you last dust off your passport and give it a workout? Remember that most countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after your initial entry, so get your passport sorted out before booking any last-minute tickets.

Since the pandemic began, there are greater requirements when it comes to international travel, but it is easy to tackle if you know what to do. Be sure to keep up to date on entry requirements for your destinations, as well as airline regulations. Most airlines require a negative PCR test done within 72 hours of landing at your destination. If you have been vaccinated, then carry your certificate as well.

Speaking of paperwork for travel, we also recommend printing and creating a google drive for all of the important documents that you might need. This way, you can share with your emergency contacts anything pertinent, including:

  • Travel itinerary
  • Passport
  • Travel insurance
  • Hotel or hostel reservations
  • Car hire reservations
  • Emergency contact people and numbers

Digital Nomads

Now that remote working has become more mainstream, many people choose to set up offices in Bali, Thailand, or even Zambia. If internet connectivity is essential to you, then do a bit of research before you go, but you will likely be presently surprised. For example, internet access is widely available in Zambia, even in remote sections of the country, and packages can be purchased for about $2 for 6 GB.

If you want to work while you travel, then be sure to back up all of your work to a digital cloud. On the off chance that you leave your laptop on a bus or find yourself soaked through in a monsoon, you won’t want to catch up on months of work. In addition, be sure to get comprehensive travel insurance while you’re at it.

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Loose Ends

Sometimes, the best way to travel is to know you’re heading out with a blank slate. Rather than holding onto all of your worldly possessions, consider boxing up everything sentimental to you and looking for a Goodwill drop off in Houston or your hometown for the rest. You’ll be helping those in need and making space for the travel souvenirs and artwork upon your return.

If you own your home, consider looking for a letting agent who can offer both short- and long-term rentals. You might be able to let your home be fully furnished, where you can hopefully pay off your mortgage while sipping a cocktail in Cancun. The lower you can keep your monthly expenses; the more accessible long-term travel will be.

Once you consciously choose to take the plunge and travel the world, you’ll quickly discover that everything holding you back was merely an excuse. Few people ever regret experiencing new cultures and visiting famous places, but no one says they need another day in the office to be fulfilled.

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