How To Dress Your Home For Sale

If you are about to sell your home, it is a good idea to consider who you might be selling it to. This can help give you some ideas about what they might be looking for in your home. If you have a family home, you could present your home to buyers as being ideal for young families to grow up in. If your home is more suited to young professionals, then you could dress your home to appeal to them.

Dressing your home is a simple task, but it is really important if you want a quick sale for the maximum market price. It involves presenting your home in a way that will be attractive to the kind of people most likely to buy it. You might be using your dining room as a gym. But to be sold as a dining room it is often better to dress it as one.


Start with the living room. If it needs to appeal to families, consider putting a good sized family sofa suite in there. You can find ideas for popular styles of Multiyork sofas online that will help. Young professionals might prefer a modern design in a strong and vibrant colour. You need to show potential buyers the lifestyle they could lead if they bought your property. Inspire them.

The kitchen is an important room, especially in family homes. You need to show it is practical and functional. It your kitchen hasn’t been updated in a while, you might choose to change the cupboard doors, handles, or worktop to give it a fresh new look. Integrated appliances are very popular because they look stylish and can save room. For a quick refresh, clean up the splash backs and paint the cupboard doors.

You may not have the time or the budget to fit out any of your bathrooms. But it is really important they look fresh, clean, and as new. Spend some time regrouting if the tiles need it. Usually, a bleach-based mould and mildew cleaner can bring grouting and seals back up to white. Bathtubs and tiles should be shiny clean, and taps can easily be replaced if needed. A new shower curtain could be a quick and easy way to make everything look pristine again.


Bedrooms should be dressed as bedrooms. Make sure each one has a bed with a bedside table and lamp. This is the bare minimum for a room to function as a bedroom. It gives potential buyers an idea of the size. You can make a simple bedroom quite stylish by using quality bedding and an attractive contemporary lamp. Headboards finish the look. Bedrooms can be a neutral colour and still be desirable to buyers.

Other rooms and spaces in your home such as the office or garage should be clutter free. This helps buyers visualise the amount of space available. You could use a temporary storage facility to house your things until you are ready to move. The presentation is everything when it comes to a successful sale. See what you can do to help sell someone else’s dream home.

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