How to find the best Christmas gifts for guys this Christmas

It can be difficult to find the best Christmas gift for the guys in your life, particularly when it can often seem like they have everything they need. Often when you ask a guy what he wants for Christmas he’ll tell you not to get anything at all, which just makes it trickier when it’s time to get him a present.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas gifts, so if you’re still stuck for ideas, grab something from the following list and you’ll have it wrapped and ready to go by Christmas Eve:


A Robe

A new robe or dressing gown is one of those things that many guys may not realise they need until they actually have it. There’s nothing nicer than waking up in the morning and getting immediately bundled into your cosy robe, so check out the luxury loungewear available at M&S.

An Experience

Studies have shown that the average person enjoys experiences more than gifts, so this is an excellent idea for Christmas. If the man in your life loves to cook (or simply likes to look impressive while he’s in the kitchen), consider a knife skills course so he can sharpen his technique.

Another great option is an indoor skydiving experience, which can also be a great way to introduce him to the sport if you think he may want to try it out some day for heal. He’ll be able to experience what it’s like to fly without needing to jump out of a plane, and he’s sure to thank you for the chance.

For guys who love James Bond, consider Secret Agent Training, which will teach him hand-to-hand combat, sniper shooting skills, and the ability to dodge lasers. And for that guy who really needs to relax, consider gifting him with a spa day at the Corinthia Hotel in London which has a men-only area, including sleep pods, heated lounges and even a vitality pool.


Winter Warmth

If you’re noticed that your guy hasn’t quite got the right look for the winter weather, consider grabbing him some layers. An Alpaca scarf will allow him to look cool while feeling warm, and the wool is incredibly soft- meaning no itchiness on his neck. For guys who like to be able to check their phones throughout the day, The North Face has some great eTip gloves which will allow him to look at all his notifications and use his touchscreen without getting freezing hands.


For guys who love tech, travel a lot, or simply need a new pair, headphones are an excellent gift. For those with the new iPhone that comes without a headphone jack, Beats headphones are wireless, feature 40 hours of battery life and can connect to his device even up to 30 metres way. He’ll never have a bad flight again with these noise-cancelling headphones.

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