How to Free Up More Space in Your Home

Let’s face it, we could all do with a little extra space around the home. Over the years we naturally accumulate more and more things so it becomes increasingly difficult to find a place for everything. So here are some simple tips to free up more space in your home so you can feel more organised.


Rolling draws are a superb way to store everything from crockery to spices. Deep and wide rolling drawers are a top way to keep things tucked away which minimises the amount of objects you have on your kitchen surfaces. The least cluttered your kitchen surface the more spacious and organised your kitchen will look.

Using the walls in your kitchen can also free up a lot of space. Creating a board to hang your kitchen utensils or nut jars is a great way to free up space to store other items whilst adding interesting features to your kitchen.



Frosted glass doors in bathrooms give the impression of more space for what can sometimes feel like a slightly cramped room. So thinking about putting a glass panel into your bathroom door is a really good way to create the illusion that your bathroom is more spacious than it actually is.

Shelving in bathrooms is a great way to keep all of your cosmetics and bathroom products organised and tucked away. Keeping all your bits and bobs in pretty jars and containers on bathroom shelves is an attractive way of creating more space around the sink and in your bathroom cabinets.

Shower curtains can also be a surprising storage unit with some designs nowadays including pockets where you can store your shower gels, shampoos and sponges. This can prevent your bathroom from looking cluttered with all your products being speckled around the place.


Space under your bed is one of the best storage places in this room. This space can be used for everything from suitcases to your your winter/summer wardrobe and your sports gear. Keeping everything organised in boxes means you can still have access to these items whenever necessary and you’ll know where to find everything.

Slide out beds for kids are a great way to make the best of smaller rooms. They offer up more floor space for your children to enjoy their room in the day and then they just simply slide out at night. There are also some amazing bed, wardrobe and work space combination items which are a really effective way of getting all the bedroom furniture your child needs into tight spaces.


Whilst attics are usually used for storage and keeping larger items out of the way. You could be wasting one of the best spaces in your home. Renovating attics into living rooms or extra bedrooms is one of the top ways you can not just add substantial space to your home, but can also dramatically add value to your property. Find a builder in your area to come and have a look at your attic and talk you through the different possibilities available to you for this extra space.

Thinking creatively about how to improve on and expand the space in your home can be one of the most important things you can do to making your home look organised and well put together. Just focusing on little tweaks here and there can make a big difference.

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