How to Fully Utilise Your Bedroom’s Space

According to recent reports, the average British home that’s being built today is around half the size of homes that were being built a hundred years ago. In fact, when compared to the rest of continent, British people live in the smallest houses in Europe. Our bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. They should be a place where we can easily unwind relax, free of any clutter that’s invading from the rest of the home. Here’s how you can fully utilise your bedroom’s space.


Utilise the Space under the Bed

Many people fail to take advantage of the space under our beds when they’re looking to increase their storage options. This is often a great place to hide away things that you don’t need very often, such as seasonal items of clothing. If you can’t fit any containers under your current bed frame, you may have to modify it by raising its height. To keep things clean, try to stay away from containers that are boldly coloured and will draw the eye. Alternatively, many new bed sets come with in-built storage options that can match the rest of the design and keep things discreet.

Making the Most of Your Wardrobe

For most of us, the walk-in wardrobe is the dream solution to keeping all of our clothes, shoes, and accessories neatly organised. Sadly, most of us simply don’t have the space to accommodate this so we’re left with standing wardrobes instead. The first thing you should do is make sure you’re making the most of the space that you do have. Take a look here for some of the different options available to you. If you’re short on space, or you can only accommodate a wardrobe that doesn’t have much depth, try implementing a retractable, fold-out clothes hanger. You could also try adding more shelves, clothing rods, or an over-the-door hanger.


Use Dual-Role Furniture Solutions

When it’s time to decorate any small room, you need to prioritise which furnishings are essential. One of the ways you can do this is to use dual-role furniture solutions. For instance, rather than using a simple bedside table, consider using a small storage cabinet to give yourself the biggest number of options. You should also try to avoid using any unnecessary features when possible. Removing the head and footboards to your bed or switching to a small double bed frame are some of the best ways you can save some more space.

Making the most of the space you have is an essential part of personalising our homes. Let us know all about your own space savings tips in the comments below.


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