How to get more done in less time

For startup entrepreneurs or anyone looking to make their way up the career ladder, mastering maximum productivity levels is a key component in getting to the place that you want to be. If you could get twice as much done each day, you could make some waves in your line of business, so what is holding you back? Is it because you find yourself easily distracted? Maybe you become overwhelmed by the huge list of tasks that you need to get done?

If so, here are some top tips for getting more done in your day:

Create a list – First of all, you need to get to the bottom of what is eating up your time. Create a list of all of the tasks that you perform on a daily basis and make a record of how much time you are spending on each task. Therefore, the next time you are faced with the same or a similar task, look at ways that you can accomplish the task quicker.

For example, ask yourself if there are any types of apps or tools that you can use to speed the process up? If you send invoices for example, could you get it done quicker by using tools such as Quickbooks? There is a wide range of online tools to help make life easier and doing a bit of research might give you some options that you didn’t know were available.


Time yourself – An effective way of getting work done quicker is to break tasks into 25-minute slots. By spending 25 minutes to complete the task and ensure that you are not distracted by other tasks, replying to emails, etc. you will find that you become more focused on that one task and are therefore able to complete it sooner. You will also find with repeated tasks that you attempt to improve each time because you are giving yourself a target to beat.

Cut out the non-essential parts of your day – While it is very important to take breaks to recharge your brain, sometimes you will find that you are wasting time on things that are unnecessary. From drifting onto social media to nipping out for a cigarette break, all of these things mount up. If you are looking to save time, switch to e-cigs as you do not have to go outside each time you want a cigarette. See for some options.

Have a positive mindset – While this can be easier said than done, if you are feeling overwhelmed with work, it is important to try and keep a positive mindset. Worrying about outcomes or missing deadlines will set you back even further so try to block those thoughts out. Every time you find yourself thinking about the negatives, remind yourself to focus on the one most important task and get that out of the way. Trying to multitask can have the opposite effect on productivity because you’re not focusing on the task at hand.

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