How to Hack Your Home For Autumn

It’s sad to say but the cold is setting in and autumn has well and truly arrived. If your home has started to feel a little chillier, now is the time to start making those little adjustments before the winter arrives. Here are some hacks for keeping the heat in your house.


Check Your Windows

If your house hasn’t had a makeover for a few years, now might be the time to start. In most houses in Britain, the radiators are fixed beneath the windows, and as the heat from the radiators rise a great deal of it is lost through single glazed windows. Before that heating bill starts to make a serious dent in your finances, talk to professionals like Barrier Components to consider upgrading to double glazed windows in your home, and adjusting the fixings to make sure everything is snug and secure to hold that heat in.

Change Your Dryer

Now that the sun is scarce, one of the most common ways to bring cold and damp into your home is by drying your laundry inside. On a cold day, this is not only counter productive for your clothes but can encourage mould to grow, damaging your health. To be on the safe side, either tumble dry big loads of laundry or ensure your damp washing is hung on a clothes horse with plenty of space in an airing cupboard or a well ventilated room. You may even find it helpful to invest in an electric clothes horse, which are cheap to run and heat up to dry your clothes quicker, while keeping the room nice and toasty too.



It’s easy to transform your home into a cozy reading nook with a few minor decor changes. Look out for soft, fuzzy or fluffy textured blankets, as these will help retain heat, as well as complementing the other textures of your furniture. When choosing new textiles, look for earthy tones that complement the rest of the room as these feel warmer, and scented candles fill the room with yummy autumn smells as well as adding a little extra heat.

Insulate Everything

It’s so easy to retain warmth in your home with simple insulation tricks. You may already have loft or cavity insulation in your ceilings or walls, but if this isn’t an option there are ways to do this on a smaller scale. Specially made lined curtains can keep the draughts out and make the most of the heat in a room; and draught snakes can be placed at the gap between the floor and front door to plug the gap where heat can escape.

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