How to have a luxury holiday without breaking the bank

If you are planning a holiday on a budget, luxury travel can seem far out of reach. However travelling in style doesn’t always need to break the bank. Use these top ideas for adding in some luxury to your next holiday.


Look out for deals

Two of the biggest expenses when traveling are the flights and accommodation. However these days both airlines and luxury hotels are always offering great deals. Take a flight with Flybe to save on airfares and keep a look out for great accommodation deals. If you look out on the group deals sites you will find a lot of 4 to 5 star resorts offering huge discounts. Sign up to alerts for sales too, that way you can get deals delivered straight to your inbox.

Book with Air BnB

Air BnB has really taken off as an affordable luxurious accommodation option in travel. People offer up their villas, apartments or homes to rent out by the night, week or even month. A lot of the places are very flash and at great prices. This makes for a great alternative to booking in at five star resorts. As well most places you will have your own kitchen too, helping save on eating out costs.


Use currency exchange in your favour

Travelling to countries where you can get a lot more for you $ means you are able to afford more.  South East Asia and certain places in South America and Central America are a lot cheaper to travel around as well as offer a great exchange rate. By using currency to your advantage not only is accommodation cheaper but also food, travel costs and activities.

Book a staycation

Not sure what a staycation is? Well it’s taking a holiday but in your very own city. This can sound a little boring but it’s actually very therapeutic. Rather then spending money on travel costs, book yourself a nice hotel for the weekend, go to your favourite restaurants and treat yourself to some spa treatments. You might still be close to home but you will definitely feel like you have had a holiday after.

Go glamping

This new trend is taking the favourite past time of camping and bringing a little bit of luxury to it. You can either do this yourself by adding in your own creature comforts or go with a specialised glamping site. These glamping sites make you feel like you are staying in a five star resort with most “tents” having proper beds, bath tubs, romantic lights, beautiful balconies and the list goes on.

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