How To Keep From Losing Your Head While Unemployed

You lost your jobs a while ago and whether it was because you got fired rightfully or wrongfully doesn’t matter, because what matters is now. You may also have been made redundant in which cases there are multiple reasons as this isn’t always linked back to your employer. The global economy might be in a downward spiral at the moment and getting back into the world of work is going to be difficult. It can be incredibly disheartening when you’re revving to go, work hard for your employer and yourself, but the market just shrugs its shoulders, and you cannot find a way in. You also might be sick or possibly even injured, and thus you’ve taken a long break from work or may have lost your job because you’re physically unable to do the same job you were doing.

The bills are piling up and you need to do something, but it can feel utterly, thoroughly and incredibly hopeless when you’re trying too hard to find a job, any job in your sector but you won’t get replies back, or you’re simply beat out by somebody more qualified than you. It can be an extremely distressing moment in your life and sometimes seeing the light at the end of the tunnel feels like a pipe dream. But there is that fight in all of us, granted some more than others, to never ever give up and demand better from yourself. You need to stay calm, rational and always think logically and act ruthlessly with little emotion to get to the next stage of your life. Do not fear change, for it will get your out of this deep dark hole. Something, anything will do, but at the same time, never sell yourself short; you’re not to be thought of as a piece of meat by you or your potential employer. There are ways in which you can level-plain your life while you’re stuck in a rut.

Stay mentally strong

During this time, you’re going to feel like you’re on your own and nobody else in the world can relate to exactly how you’re feeling. Depression can creep up on you and you may not even feel like you’re being affected by it. But your appetite will suffer, and more or less start to shrink as nervous tension builds up. You must, however, force yourself to remain on a healthy diet, and maintain your three meals a day. A good breakfast with fiber and sugar will give you energy and with it, potentially uplift your mood causing you to be more productive. If this is not combated, manic depression can infiltrate your mind and life can become almost insurmountable negative. You must never see talking to somebody about your worries as weakness, as this will mean you keep your feelings bunched up inside you and you’ll start to become an introvert in society.

Let your mind wander and during this troubling time, look for something that will keep your mind occupied and off your main concerns, yet yield productive growth in your mindset at the same time. Many people choose a sport, a walk in the park, a bike ride, or listening to music. However, you could learn more about yourself and play the sweet strings of your instrument of imagination by taking up lessons in creative writing for total newbies. The great thing is you can escape the place you’re in and travel to a world where you want to be. It could be a land where you’re meeting your goals and living a life you truly want to lead. This positive thought process of accessing your desires and mentally living them out, can bring all your motivational responses to the forefront of your mind, and invigorate you to be strong and willful.

Have a think about your CV

At one time or another, we’ve all been asking ourselves whether it’s time to find new pastures in the world of work. I have found that first and foremost, you need to choose a clear direction to where you want to head before productive action can be taken; this stops valuable time from being wasted. Once you know the horizon you wish to walk toward, find a specialist role for yourself in the particular industry. The quest for a new job requires persistence and enthusiasm as well as a tough skin.

The importance of a clear and professional CV cannot be underestimated. Make sure your chosen career path and objective bolsters your pride and ambition and adorns the top of the page like a royal crown. State the role, company, location and dates of entrance and departure of each previous occupation under your belt. Brevity is the soul of wit, but in the world of employee selection, a time-saving simplifier. In bullet points, describe your responsibilities concisely with a humble but firm tone. Talking oneself up disguises insecurity with arrogance and will be spotted and consign the CV to the side pile. Express yourself confidently and don’t be afraid to use industry-specific vernacular. Facilitate a section that goes into detail listing your personal and professional skills. Include your education and modules studied especially at university. Utilize online links showcasing your portfolio and or professional online presence such as Linkedin.

Have a fall back plan

You simply do not know, how long it will take before you find another job in your profession. It’s hard to stomach but you must sit down and write out contingency plans for your life as your bank account is not attached to the unlimited money tree. Upon losing your job, you should immediately dial back on the normal weekly spending and begin to live conservatively. Rather than buying name-brand foods, you go for the essentials and buy them in bulk to save with deals. Rather than using your vehicle to travel everywhere, try to plan your day around the public transport schedule, or set off early on a bike; never dismiss the power of your own two legs either.

Plan out, how long you can sustain a frugal way of sustenance and how long you can pay the bills in the home you’re currently living in. More than likely you’ll realize you have more money going out than coming in obviously and you’ll be met with a crossroad. You will either have to get up and move out of your apartment or house to somewhere more affordable, or you’ll have to live two lives at once. You must find a job to work at a part-time to sustain some level of income to keep you afloat. Figure out what your expenditure is and the obligations you have such as a mortgage or child support, etc, and work out how many hours and at what pay rate you need to work weekly. You need to have this fall-back plan because the harsh reality is, as you’re unemployed the risk to your living standard has risen sharply, and you could potentially end up homeless. Take a deep breath and don’t panic when you first realize this, and with the steps mentioned above, strengthen your mental state to cope with this abnormal loss of confidence and acute stress.

Pursuing your goal

If you’re finding no success in your job search, you may find solace by traveling to an industry event where you can network and meet people in the same line of work as you and spread your name around. Equally, never forget your old contacts and colleagues, keep in touch with them and stay jovial because you don’t want to put pressure on them to find you a job. The internet has many resources where you can keep up with the latest updates in your industry, learn, read and absorb the modern practices being used in your profession.

Diversify your portfolio by working as a freelancer or advisor. Entrepreneurs are always looking for expert advice to help their startup business grow, and you can pass on your experience and expertise, you’ll remain a vitally connected with your profession. This might even become a full-time job, and if it’s just temporary, at least some form of income is replenishing your bank account. When you keep your toes dipped in the pool you’re preventing work rust from taking hold and becoming alien to your working habit.

Persistence is the key

This might be furiously tedious to hear over and over, but it is the key. You must be single-minded and persistent. Never lack the drive and become stuck in a perpetual wheel of depression. Trying to find a job, is in itself, a full-time job. You’re always on the lookout searching online, you’re traveling places and perhaps to job interviews which bear no fruit and time and time again, you feel demoralized. It’s a very harsh and relentlessly tiring position to be in. But you must never give up; always be proud of who you are and what you can bring to the table for an employer. Never doubt your self-worth and do not shudder or waver in the face of financial difficulties. As long as you plan for the future, you’ll cushion any blows you may receive from unpredictable and volatile circumstances.

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