How to Prepare Yourself for Bankruptcy

Most people regard bankruptcy as something horrible, like it is a proverbial end of the road. In fact, in the long run bankruptcy is more useful than it is harmful. Bankruptcy can help you get your financial situation back in check and turn over a new leaf.

In fact, according to the BK Lawyers of San Diego, ‘the benefits of finding debt relief through bankruptcy almost always far outweigh the risks’. Any experienced bankruptcy attorney will tell you that through bankruptcy you can improve your credit, protect your assets and save you from the often unpleasant creditor harassment.

Nevertheless, to say the bankruptcy process is not intimidating would simply not be true. Bankruptcy is never easy to cope with at first. In fact, many people find the decision making prior to filing to be the scariest part of bankruptcy. Fortunately, you can take the time to prepare and reassure yourself you’re only doing this because you want your finances to get better.

If you take your time to prepare, both mentally and in regards to the paperwork, the entire process will go and feel a lot easier. Here are just some of the steps you can take to make filing for bankruptcy easier.

Reassure Yourself

Before you even set your foot in the paperwork and the rest of the process, you need to understand why you are filing for bankruptcy. You need to put everything on paper and reassure yourself that filing can only help you in the long run. Bankruptcy can help you ease the stress of your finances being out of your control and give you time to sort everything out. While bankruptcy may feel overwhelming, it can help you get through the most difficult times in your life. If you are afraid of what comes next, focus on the positive sides and the benefits of this process.


Hire an Experienced Attorney

If there’s one thing that can help people get over their fear of filing for bankruptcy, it’s working with a professional. Experienced attorneys have helped numerous clients who were once in your skin get back on track. Going through the process with professional guidance can make you more prepared for what’s to come. An attorney can explain whether you are eligible to file and can guide you through several types of bankruptcy to find the one most befitting your situation.

Get the Paperwork in Order

Another helpful step in preparing to file for bankruptcy is getting your paperwork in order. You need to look into what documents you’ll need to deliver to the court. If you organize them early in the process, you save yourself a lot of time and trouble. In most cases, you will need to present the trustee with the tax returns up to two years prior to filing. You will also have to disclose any information about your assets and finances, including bank statements. Again, with the help of an experienced attorney, this part of the process will go much smoother.

Tell Your Family

Many debtors feel ashamed of sharing their hardship with family and friends. However, it might be a good idea to let your closest ones know, as they can offer help and support during these difficult times. Expect them to offer advice, but remember that the ultimate decision must be yours and yours alone. You might also face disapproval regarding your decision to file for bankruptcy. Even if these remarks are made with the best intentions, nobody has to go through all the financial stress like you do. Therefore you alone should feel comfortable with the decision, regardless of what others might contend.

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