How to Reduce the Number of Help Desk Queries Your Company Receives

If you are feeling the burden of having an email inbox overloaded with help desk and support queries, it may be time to do something about it. This problem could be stopping potential customers from purchasing from your business, and it may be causing you to work way past your finishing time to answer them. Here are three ways in which you can reduce the number of help desk queries your company is receiving.

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Spot the Patterns

When scouring through your inbox for inquiries, you may start to notice a few patterns emerging. This may mean beginning a labeling system for your complaints in your email inbox. In apps such as Gmail, you can create labeled folders which you and your staff can then put each query into, meaning you can begin to see what you need to improve on your website.

It may simply be a bug on your site that you did not notice, and until you have categorized your help desk queries, this wouldn’t have become clear. If you have a query page set up on your website, you may want to use a drop-down option so that customers can choose the type of query they are submitting, making it even easier for you to spot patterns and answer their questions.

Always Keep Customers Updated

If you are a business who is constantly changing and updating things, it is essential that you keep your customers updated. This could be anything from a message that pops up on their screen when they open your website, to an email.

If your website is going to have some downtime for instance, sending an email to your customers informing them of this could reduce the number of queries you get. Be sure to not overly update them either though, just letting them know of any changes that could confuse them is the best strategy.

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Use a Help Desk Software

Help desk software eliminates the need for your email inbox to be full of queries. SysAid’s help desk software has a variety of features to help customers on your site get the response they need, and quickly. This is also beneficial for you as you can focus on your business, rather than incoming queries. SysAid has created a software in which all of your IT support can be in one place, making it easier to sort through queries. It also offers a ticket management tool, self-service for customers and even mobile device management. A knowledge base can also be created which allows customers to answer a query for themselves without having to get directly in touch.

Answering inquiries can be very beneficial for your business as you are engaging with customers and understanding what you may need to do to improve your website for them. When this all becomes too much, purchasing a help desk software can ensure that your customers are getting the help they need while you can focus on other important tasks.

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