How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Learning how to cut your energy bills can not only have a positive effect on your bank balance, but it can also help the planet. Recent studies suggest that lighting accounts for around 18% of a typical household’s electricity bill. You can start cutting your energy usage by switching to more efficient light bulbs, but you’ll also need to get into the right habits if you want your savings to go further. Most homes make use a mixture of different kind of light fixtures, but fortunately energy efficient bulbs are now available for most types of fittings.


Light Bulbs

Your standard home light bulb is generally known as an incandescent. Over the years, new types of bulbs have been created that offer a number of advantages to these. There are three types of eco-friendly light bulbs you have to consider: compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), halogens, and LEDs. CFLs are the cheapest and most widely available type of eco-bulb. They are around 80% more economical to run than traditional incandescents, though some find that the light they emit isn’t strong enough.

Halogens are designed to mimic bright sunlight and are often considered the closest match to traditional incandescents. While they may cost more, they’re also around 20% more efficient and should last up to three times as long. LED lighting uses almost 90% less energy than a traditional incandescent and in the long-term is by far the best option. Again, the cost will be initially higher, but they should last up to 25 years and could end up saving you around £180 over the course of their lifetime.


Changing Habits

More than just the type of bulbs you buy, though, your general habits will also play a huge part in your energy bills. In fact, these can have just as much, if not more, of an overall effect. While most of us might be aware that we should turn off the light whenever we leave a room, it’s no secret that old habits die hard so this can be more of an issue than it initially seems.

This can quickly add up to your energy bills over time so, if you’re the type who might forget, take a look at some of the options available to you here. You can now buy timers that will automatically turn off lights for you at pre-designated times of the day. This is great if you’re someone who has a tendency to leave your hallway light all through the night. Other new technologies that are available include lighting that is based on sensors. This will only turn on when it detects someone in the room through their motion.

Have you been taking steps to improve your energy efficiency lately? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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