How to save money this year

Are you hoping to save money in 2017? Maybe you’ve got a big savings goal or you’d really like to be able to knock off some debt so you can be in a better financial position next year. Whatever the reason, we have some top tips to help you save money this year:

Compare your providers

Often we get so used to just paying our bills as they come in each month, that we forget that there are other options out there- and that those other providers could be saving us money every month.

Now’s the time to sit down with your bills and see if you can save some money by switching to another provider. You’re likely to find that lpg prices are lower elsewhere, and the same goes for your electricity bills and insurance. By simply taking the time to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself saving hundreds of dollars each month- simply by making some simple changes.

Cut out the waste

How many things are you paying for that you don’t really use? If you’ve got a gym membership you’ve been paying for and yet you never really go, now’s the time to either get yourself into the gym or sell the membership and commit to working out elsewhere. If you feel like you’re likely to put on weight or get unfit if you sell your gym membership, spend a month tracking how many times you actually go. Next, work out how much it’s costing you each time you go, and if you can justify this expense. There are so many great ways you can workout without the gym- go for a hike with friends, walk the dog, grab some music and go for a run, try an at-home workout plan like Insanity, or look online for some great bodyweight workouts.

Knock out the credit cards

Most of us have at least one credit card that we’d like to get rid of. The stress of wondering when you’ll be able to pay off your credit cards, and only making the minimum payment each month is simply not worth it. The problem is that we can get into a cycle where we pay a bit off our cards, only to end up using that card again later in the month, or worse- only paying the minimum payment and never paying off the balance.
There are a number of banks and credit card companies that will offer you an interest-free period if you switch your credit card balance over to their card. This can be a great option if you find you’re just not paying the balance off and you’re continually feeling stressed. Once you’ve got that interest-free period, it’s time to hustle and commit to paying a chunk off that balance each month- maybe the money you’ve saved from switching providers and ditching your gym membership can go straight onto that bill.

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