How To Succeed In Real Estate Investing: A Fool Proof Guide

Investing in real estate is all the rage at the moment. It’s traditionally thought of as one of the wisest ways to invest your money if you want to diversify beyond stocks and bonds – you’re almost guaranteed to generate a great deal of income from it and if you keep an eye on the housing market you can work out when the best times to buy and sell are. Renting is by far the most profitable way to invest in property, as it gives you a great monthly pay check. As it seems daunting initially, here’s a list of common hurdles you might encounter and how you can get past them.

It may be expensive. Remember the issue of property tax and put some money aside so you aren’t hit with a huge and unexpected tax bill that you have no means to pay. Renovating your properties may also get expensive. Even though you may think your property is decorated to a high standard, there may be another property down the street that’s worth a lot more rent because the kitchen and bathrooms are more modern and family friendly. Work out how to maximise your investment – although it may mean investing more cash into your property, it will be worth it in the end.

Dealing with tenants won’t always be easy. Being a landlord involves dealing with your tenants – and no matter how carefully you screen them, there’s no accounting for human nature and you may not always get along. At times you may think they’re unreasonable and at other times you may have to admit that they have a point. But it’s important to maintain good relationships with your tenants. To do this, you need to ensure that you’re always easy to communicate with. Keep it brisk, breezy and businesslike, and remember that renting out your investment property isn’t personal – it’s business and you need to treat it as such.


You should also remember that there will be damage. Not all families will respect your property and treat it kindly and there may be costs that need to be paid after your renters have moved out. If you’ve chosen to go down the triple net property investing route, this shouldn’t be as much of a big deal since your tenants will feel more personally responsible for the property, but in other situations there may be issues such as uncleanliness, ruined carpets and fixtures, and repairs that need to be made. Set aside some money to prepare for these possibilities.

Therefore, also remember that good renters are worth their weight in gold. If you get people who keep your property in a good condition and who don’t cause you any problems, treat them with the same respect that they’ve given you. If they need repairs to be done, ensure that it happens promptly, make sure they feel secure in their home, and keep their rent the same as long as you can. Missing out on a little income because you haven’t hiked the rent up is worth it for your peace of mind, and there will also be a lot less wear and tear when they do move out.

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