How to Take Care of Decking Timber

Sometimes, we tend to forget that the outdoor area of our homes belongs to us as well and that they should look nice too. Even if you are not planning to actually sell your house at any stage, the truth is that knowing that your home still has a high value on the real estate market can offer a great sense of security. A deck can add a lot of value to your home, but if not cared for properly it can wind up being an expensive and visually unappealing feature. If you’ve not yet installed a deck but would love to have one in your home, Patio Living does decks that suit a wide range of homes and personal preferences.

Simply having a nice deck installed and forgetting about it can have tremendous effects on it on the long-term value and, before you know it, cracks will appear and they will start to erode the very core of the deck itself. Replacing an entire deck will definitely cost you much more than simply maintaining it regularly, so do take into consideration the following deck care tips and you will prolong the life of your deck, so you can enjoy a nice and clean-looking outdoor area and all while increasing the value of your home on the real estate market.


Pay Attention to Your Deck

Your deck is an investment and often they are quite big investments, so keeping an eye on it will save you a lot of trouble. Believe it or not, the deck timber can go through a lot during one season alone – not to mention one or two years! Think about all the sun shining on it, the hail smashing down and so on. If you pay attention to the signs of erosion, water damage and insects, you will be able to remove them and make the necessary fixes before it is too late, so always remind yourself to simply take a closer look at your deck.

Simple Fixes Work Wonders

Simple and inexpensive (or even free) fixes can really make the difference when it comes to the maintenance of your deck timber. Simply sweeping the deck regularly, removing the leaves and not allowing debris, bird droppings and other types of dirt to “grow” into the timber will work magic for your deck! On the other side though, even leaves that gather in between the cracks of your deck can really cause a lot of damage. Considering the fact that doing these little checks takes about 10 minutes, it is really worth it to show your deck some well-deserved “love”.


Protect Your Deck

Investing in high quality timber protection products can really pay off in the end! These products are actually efficient at protecting the deck from UV light, from fungus that gathers in between the cracks of the wood and from the terrible damage water can bring to it. Bear in mind the fact that the more expensive products are worth it especially because they provide your deck with more long-lasting protection than the less expensive ones. However, if you think you will be able to apply the protection products more often, a cheaper product might be effective enough. If you can, splash out on deck protection products to ensure your deck lasts a lifetime.

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