How To Treat Health Issues You Don’t Know You Have

Sometimes you get so used to something being wrong or feeling different you no longer pay any attention to it or it simply becomes the norm. But this isn’t the way to live, especially when you can do something about it that can either cure it forever or alleviate the pain to manageable levels. Different things affect adults and children, with children sometimes growing out of younger issues. But when you’ve grown up you know it’s there to stay unless you do something about it. Here you can see some of the issues and how to best deal with them.


Tinnitus is an issue that affects many people on differing levels. It is essentially the issue by where you hear a loud ringing or buzzing in your ear but you know it is coming from your body, not from the outside world. You’ve all likely experienced a mild form of this and it is usually prevalent whilst trying to sleep or when in a quiet room. If it is bad tinnitus can cause severe depression and insomnia. It is hard to self diagnose because sometimes people don’t even realise it’s happening whilst others choose to ignore and pass it off as a phase. Sometimes when you get the affliction it can come with mild to severe hearing loss. A buildup of wax can cause it, but so can age and other factors such as inner ear damage. One of the key cures is by draining the ear, clearing it of obstruction and ensuring the affliction diminishes. If this does not work then sound therapy or CBT can be used to help get rid of it.


It can sometimes be severe, and then you’ll know exactly what it is. However, in a mild form tonsillitis can cause slight fever, fatigue, weary muscles and even bad breath. If you’re feeling any of these symptoms check the back of your throat. White spots usually give the illness away, whilst pus and reddening are also telltale signs. The tonsils can swell up too, making your throat uncomfortable.  You should seek medical help as soon as possible. A comprehensive list of remedies and health solutions for these types of afflictions can be found if you click here. If you don’t, the tonsils would swell more and cause secondary infections such as quinsy. You will either be prescribed varying antibiotics or else have a simple operation to remove the tonsils.


Sexually transmitted diseases have changed over the last few years. Cures have become wider and testing facilities are now much better. Yet if you had a disease you really wouldn’t know about it. Chlamydia is one of the most common STD’s which you need to get rid of. Symptoms are few and far between yet the disease will remain in your system until you get it treated. It can even cause infertility among women. When chlamydia goes untreated it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease which scar the fallopian tubes. Gonorrhea is quite similar and frequently diagnosed together with Chlamydia. It can also lead to infertility unless treated. The best treatment is to get yourself tested every time you have unprotected sex with a new partner. This way these elusive diseases are picked up.

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