How you Can further Your Career in the UK?

If English is your second language, there are many ways that you can establish a successful career in the UK. As the UK has one of the largest economies in the world, it’s one of the best places to establish a successful career with plenty of opportunities for all in a variety of different industries. From manual work to academic study and advancing your current skills, there are so many ways to progress your career. So, what things can you do to help further your career in the UK?


Go to University

Just because English is your second language doesn’t mean you can’t go to university here. Studying to gain further qualifications is a great way to further your career and open to anyone living in England permanently. With so many different options for studying at University available, including the Open University and part-time course which you can do alongside having a job. If you need extra qualifications to move forward in your career there’s nothing stopping you from going out and getting them.

Attending an English for Business Course

Although your English skills may be sufficient for day to day life and perfect for conversing with friends and family members, sometimes getting the hang of business lingo can be a little tricky. If you really want to apply for a promotion at work or a new role within your company then having a firmer grasp of business language could be the only thing that’s stopping you from getting it. With a course at the TTI School of English you’ll be able to work on your vocabulary and build up the confidence to use it, which will undoubtedly be beneficial when forwarding your career.

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Vary Your Skillset

In the UK there’s an abundance of skill based industries which you can start a successful career in once you have the basic knowledge. Picking a trade which you’d like to learn and attending a college course or applying for work could be all you need to establish yourself and get started in an industry. Once you have a job, your spoken English skills will improve much more quickly than you ever thought as you’ll pick up new vocabulary and use it day in day out.

With English as a second language there are an array of opportunities open to you. With so many different courses and methods of learning available to take advantage of the world really is your oyster.

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