Ich Bin A Fun Berliner

Time has flown since JFK once gave his famous speech at the town hall, Ich bin ein Berliner. If you don’t speak German, by the way, this means I’m a donut, as the Berliner is a type of German donut. What JFK actually meant to say was Ich bin Berliner, which stands for I am a Berliner, but this is another story. The divided and destroyed Berlin of the post-World War has changed a lot. It is now the most fun city in the world, before London and Rio. While it might be difficult to believe if you’ve never been to Berlin, or if you don’t know the German culture well, but the city has a perfect background for a fun getaway holiday.

Getting To Berlin

Berlin is surprisingly well-connected. You can find direct flights from most European countries, as well as the biggest American and Russian airports. While you are waiting for your flight in the airport you can play some freeslots online to pass time, you just need an internet connection. The public transport from its two airports is quick and efficient, but if you don’t want to waste too much time looking for your connections in town, you should look for a cab option such as booktaxiberlin which can take you directly to your hotel via the fastest route. Visitors from the EU, from North America, Australia, and South America don’t even need a visa to visit.

World’s Greatest Street Art

Berlin is naturally famous for the Berlin Wall, which came down in 1989. It left several empty buildings through the center of the city, where artists and squatters moved in and began to cultivate a new culture scene. Graffiti began to appear everywhere. Additionally, the residents of Berlin, who have lived under the extreme authoritarian regime of the GDR state have expressed concerns about the development of a surveillance state. As a result, Berlin is one of the cities with the least CCTV cameras. This might seem like an isolated fact, but it has greatly participated in the development of graffiti taggers in town.

An International City

Compared to other main cities in the world, Berlin is a bargain for housing, food and going-out costs. While it’s not as cheap as in less wealthy countries, it’s rarely something you have to worry about. For travelers, this translates into affordable accommodations. For the population, the low living costs have attracted countless of international immigrants, who have made Berlin their home. In truth, you will find more Irish, American and Australian guides in Berlin than German!

Have A Party Weekend

Finally, Berlin is famous for its exciting and lively nightlife, from cheap quality alcohol to karaoke night in the Mauerpark. The town center has plenty amazing Biergarten, or beer gardens, to offer where you can enjoy a beer in a traditional German glass pint. It’s no wonder that more and more hen/stag dos happen in Berlin! Whether you speak German or not, you will always find someone to pour you a fresh beer with a freshly baked pretzel.

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