In Need Of A Healthy Career Change?

The healthcare industry is full of opportunities and is always expanding to meet the growing population. Not only can it have rewarding results, it can often be well paid. If you’re looking for a change of career, this could be the sector for you. Here are a few ways that you can carve a career in the field.

Skipping med school

You might not think there’s much chance of finding a career in a hospital without a medical degree and med school experience. However, there are actually quite a few medical jobs within a hospital that don’t require higher education. Porters are always in needs and are in charge of moving things around the hospital whether it be helping patients, collecting medicine and pushing machinery into an operating theatre before surgery. Prosthetic technicians also require no higher education and have the important job of building artificial limbs for amputees. You can even find routes into maternity and a&e without a degree.


Behind the scenes

The medical world requires a lot of admin behind the scenes from nosology to distributing hospital funding. Much of this work requires some higher education, although you needn’t have to abandon all commitments as there are many institutions that now allow you to take an online MPH. Previous experience in admin and accountancy meanwhile may be transferrable.

Careers for tech lovers

There are all kinds of places where medical technology can come into play from software to surgical machinery to medical apps. Funding for health technology has grown by 200% in recent years making this a great place to find a career. If you have programming or engineering experience behind you and want to be involved in technology that saves lives, it could be worth attending a few health technology conventions, networking events and job fairs to see where you can find the role for you.


Fit for the job

The fitness industry is booming year by year. There are all kinds of opportunities within this sector from designing fitness technology to working in a gym to becoming a dietician. Routes into this field can vary. If you’re looking to work as a personal trainer or a physical therapist, you may need to take a short course first in order to get legally qualified. Dieticians may need to take a route related to food such as a nutrition course.

Whilst there are a lot of opportunities in the fitness industry it can be very competitive and it pays to find your niche. Even if you do choose to become a personal trainer, you may want to find a way of separating your training methods from the masses such as incorporating martial arts or dance or alternatively focusing on one particular demographic such as those training for marathons or those wanting to lose weight. Similarly the market for fitness apps is becoming increasingly more crowded – going more niche may be the answer.

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