Incredible Journeys By Train You Have To Take

When it comes to travel, it’s often the journey that we remember the most. The destination, good or bad, can almost pale into insignificance if we’ve had an eventful time getting there. Lots of people book holidays with travel in mind. Traveling by a preferred mode of transport is an important factor when it comes to booking a trip away.

There aren’t many forms of transport quite as romantic and enjoyable as train travel. And you don’t need to be a train enthusiast to get the benefits either. Train travel can quickly and easily get you from city to city when you want to explore a particular country. And if you’re traveling through Europe, there is no better way to get from border to border.


With a European train pass, you can travel from Paris to Rome or Vienna to Budapest. There are dozens of fabulous routes to choose. They allow you to move from the heart of one incredible city to the next. Some passes are incredibly flexible too, allowing you to choose your itinerary completely.

Of course, the most luxurious way to travel by train is on the Orient Express. Many holidays these days involve overnight hotel stays. But you can still enjoy the thrill of a train ride aboard the magnificent carriages. Perhaps its popularity is down to Agatha Christie? Or maybe all of us have a little bit of love for the tradition of train travel.

Britain and mainland Europe have been joined forever thanks to the Eurostar train service. The train travels at high speed through one of the longest tunnels in the world. It’s over fifty kilometers long. Sit and enjoy a coffee for the entire journey in a comfortable train carriage.

But who can deny the romance of the old steam trains? In the UK, there are thousands of steam enthusiasts. They love nothing more than keeping their engines running for the public to enjoy. The popularity of ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ books means there are generations of customers. There is also plenty of memorabilia and collectibles to enjoy. You can collect everything from working miniatures to a beautiful silver pocket watch bearing your favorite steamy.


There are plenty of open steam routes across the world for you to make the most of while you are traveling. Sadly, many are in limited use, but Africa and Asia have a few that run the mainlines. Steam trains tend to be slower than other trains that run the major routes. But many have exclusive access to some of the most incredible settings. If you have the time to take in the best landscapes in the world, why not see it by steam train?

For a superspeed train, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to travel by Maglev train in Shanghai. This is thought to be the fastest commercial high-speed train in the world. In Japan, continued testing of the bullet train continues to smash speed records. When they are widely available, they will be able to carry 900 passengers throughout the country.

Traveling by train gives you a chance to visit more cities because they arrive in the heart of them. They are also the best way to see some of the most stunning countryside and landscapes. Travel by train to make the most of your journey.

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