Is Your Boss A Big Bad Wolf?

Happiness at work is a goal we all aim to achieve. It’s why we set our sights on careers that put fires in our bellies. It’s why we work so hard. But, we put so much focus on ‘dream careers,’ that we often fail to notice the importance of the workplace itself. In truth, you could be miserable, even doing what you love, if you’re working in a toxic environment. There are a few different reasons why a workplace may be bad. It could be that in-office politics are rife. Or, it may be that your boss is the issue. A bad boss can cause big problems in any business. Worse, there’s no escaping them. The good news is, there are ways to cope while working under them. Here are a few that might help you.


Before you take any drastic action, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes. Think about what makes them such a bad boss. You can find a few examples on sites like If they shout often, think about why. Do they shout because they’re generally angry, or is there always a valid reason? Stress at work runs high, especially at management level. Some bosses take their frustrations out on workers. That’s obviously not acceptable. But, if your boss only explodes over incomplete, or incorrect work, they may not be as bad as you think. Take some time to consider how much pressure your boss is under. How would you react in that situation? The chances are, you wouldn’t be the most enjoyable person to be around either. If, after this, you still consider your boss unbearable, take action.


As an employee, you have the law on your side. If your boss is bad because they fail to follow workplace law, there is action you can take. It may be that your manager expects you to work extra without pay. An obvious no-go! Or, they may mess you around with holiday pay. Again, not something they can do. In more severe cases, they may have a disregard for your safety in the workplace. If you’re ever asked to do anything that doesn’t seem safe, you’re within your rights to refuse. And, if your boss’s actions ever result in injury, never hesitate to contact companies like the one found at If safety becomes an issue, make a note of everything. That way, you’ll be in a better position if anything does happen.


Of course, the best way to beat a bad boss is to do the best work possible. If your boss shouts often, you won’t enjoy your working experience. So, make sure you don’t give them a reason to get angry. Try to be one step ahead of them at all times. They won’t have a chance to shout at you if they’re impressed with what you’re doing. Being on your boss’s right side will make your life much more bearable.

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