Is Your House In A Sellable Condition?

Real estate is a difficult game to play, and knowing what to do when you’re on the market can be a bit touch and go. However, if you know what things generally put up the profit and make a sale more likely, you can quite easily find your way. So, if you’re on the market to give your house a little more value, and thus put its desirability up tenfold, here’s some tips for you to carry out on your rooms.

First of all, Do Some Research

If you own a house, it’s going to be localised to your area and thus more likely to sell to someone within it rather than outside of it. So, take to the web and look up boards that apply to your local area, and find a few opinions on the most valuable moves you can make for your real estate customer base.

Similarly, you can also take general tips if you can’t find any to apply locally. It’s incredibly useful to have the internet on your side, as sites such as the BlazeMaster blog exist to offer more helpful hints and tips that can even make your property desirable on a larger scale.

Set Up for a Good Viewing

When people come to see the house, they want to see how it fosters life inside and what they can look like. So, you need to make sure you declutter the entire area, but declutter without losing any of the livability you’re accustomed to. It’s both a practical move and a good selling move, as you’ll still be living in your house for now, and you need people to see how well a situation fits into the rooms you’re showing off.

Of course you’ll need to give potential buyers some good floor space to look over, but make sure it isn’t all floor to wall that they can see. People know what ‘lived in’ looks like, so if something is too clean, it’s usually a suspicious sign! Vacuum, dust, put the dishes away, but keep everything in the place it was before; a general clean is always the best thing to do.

Refresh Problem Areas

If you have a wall where the wallpaper is peeling away, or the paint is chipped or faded, take a weekend to go over all the areas in the house where this is happening. A fresh lick of paint can renovate an entire room because of the new look, and it also gives your property more structural integrity. Everything adds value after all!

You could even use different colours to make people feel more at ease in their new surroundings, as something friendly like pale yellow or green offers a light and breezy aspect to an environment. You’ll want to avoid reds and blues, unless you know the buyer likes that sort of thing!

Selling a house can be difficult, you’ll always hear stories about that. However, you can make it easier for buyers and sellers with these tips!

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