Keeping Your Health and Happiness At Work

While employees in sectors such as teaching and medicine are especially vulnerable to work related stress due to the long hours and high demand of attention to detail, feeling extremely exhausted can happen to any of us. If you find yourself feeling run down for no reason at all, it might be time to take a look at your working habits.


Know the Symptoms of Stress

The HSE states that the symptoms of work-related stress in individuals vary widely, but the main things to look out for are loss of confidence or motivation, increased sensitivity, confusion and poor memory, and mood swings. For many suffers, the biggest symptom of stress is difficulty sleeping, be it insomnia or frequently waking in the night, which of course leaves you feeling worse the next day. If you find yourself experiencing any of these on a regular basis with seemingly no other cause, it’s time to talk to your employer.

Talk to Your Employer

When your mind and your body aren’t working as there should be, the best cure is resting. If you have a cold and didn’t take a sick day your body wouldn’t heal itself properly, so treat your mental exhaustion the same way. Ask your employer to speak one to one about how you are feeling and discuss your options, be that reducing hour hours or taking a block of sick leave to recuperate, as you’ll return better off. Additionally, if you have any existing conditions such as physical impairments or mental health conditions, it is important that you raise these with your employer so they can make suitable arrangements to ensure you are healthy and happy at work.


Talk to a Solicitor

If you find yourself with a serious injury or an exacerbated health condition while at work, and your employer denies any fault, don’t be afraid to talk to a solicitor. Withy King take the time to get to know their clients and fully understand their disputes when preparing a case, so they can ensure that if you have been treated unfairly, you are made aware of your rights and compensation can be fought for. Sometimes, simply having some legal advice on standby can just be the peace of mind you need while you are at work.

Take Time to Relax

Working overtime is completely optional for employees, and you should allow yourself to have a break after work and enjoy your days off to engage in hobbies and ‘me’ time, so you can go to work being your best self. Seek the company of family, friends, and pets to keep you in a positive headspace when you have the time.


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