Know A Thing Or Two About Children? Here’s How To Turn That Experience Into A Paying Career

Anyone who has children has to think on their feet. Over time, you get to know some of the best ways and some of the worst ways to tackle the challenges that come with parenthood. Managing your child’s behavior is something they don’t teach you when you’re expecting. Thrown in at the deep end, you’ve mastered the art, though. You certainly know a lot more about what makes kids tick than most! If only you could earn a buck or two from all those hard-learned lessons?


Over the years, you’ve taught your kids a thing or two. You’ve managed to get them toilet-trained, using polite courtesies, and even tying their shoelaces. No doubt you’ve been involved in a wealth of lessons beyond this. You know how to break the task down, and when to step back and let them practice. Why not take this a step further and take on a teaching career? You can undertake an online degree in early childhood education, so you don’t need to quit your parenting duties or day job just yet.


There are many schools, academies, and sporting organizations seeking talented and effective coaches. If you have a passion for sports and you’re willing to pass that love on to the next generation of sporting talent, you may find it to be quite lucrative. The big money doesn’t necessarily roll in until you have proven successes, though. It can take time to build up your reputation and wins.

Private Teaching

Starting your own business is always challenging. Offering your services as a private educator can be even tougher. But if you have a natural gift for explaining difficult concepts and motivating others, you could have a successful business. When you’re self-employed, you will have to manage your own administration, record-keeping and marketing. You should also ensure you have the necessary Safeguarding certification under your belt. Qualifications in your area of expertise are also preferred.

Pediatric Health Care

If you’re not phased by the odd cut, bump, or scrape, you might have what it takes to become a health-care provider. Medical training is essential here, and you may need to invest a little more in your education. Of course, the rewards are enormous. Dentistry, nursing, and event health care are just three areas you could work in. If you have a knack for understanding kids, why not explore child psychology as an option? What Makes Our Lady of the Lake Online RN-BSN Nursing Unique? Click to find out more!

Early Years Childminder

Many parents find it is necessary to head back to work before their kids reach school age. They rely on the care and compassion of childminders to take care of their babies and toddlers. This may not be the most financially rewarding career option, but it could be the one offering the most satisfaction. Play work is very important here. You are responsible for helping children physically and mentally develop. You’ll facilitate fun activities in a safe and comforting environment. You’ve done it with your own kids, so why not apply?

There are plenty of jobs and careers that involve working with or for children. Which will suit you best?

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