Latest Research Finding on Essential Tremor Treatment Methods

Essential tremor affects many people all around the world. For years, scientists have been working to find something which can ease the characteristics shakes which make living with essential tremor so difficult. Read on to find out about some of the latest research findings which have been made on essential tremor treatment methods.

Previous Methods

The previous methods for treating essential tremor are just as viable as the newer ones. One of the first things you should do after receiving a diagnosis is for you to give up caffeine in all its forms. It does nothing but exacerbate your tremor symptoms and cutting it out can have some great additional benefits.

Your doctor may also prescribe a course of medication. Taking certain beta-blockers or anti-seizure medicine may also ease some symptoms. However, this can be nothing but a course of trial and error and you may find yourself becoming frustrated when nothing appears to work. Medication only works in some cases, so doctors have been trying to find a treatment method which works.


The breakthrough they have made can successfully treat essential tremor and can lessen symptoms greatly. This also non-invasive and can be done without any major surgical work being needed. Essential tremor treatment with ultrasound will no doubt change the lives of many suffering from this condition.

The treatment itself is quite simple. The procedure takes place in an MRI chamber so that the doctors performing the operation can clearly see what they are doing. When they have correctly identified the part of the thalamus which is causing the tremors, they send concentrated ultrasounds waves towards it.

This will destroy the faulty part of the thalamus. These effects can carry forward for years and, while it may return, the tremor will not be as bad as it once was.

Advantages of the Ultrasound Treatment

As stated above, this treatment is non-invasive and does not need any major surgical work. In fact, it can be done entirely in an outpatient appointment which means the patient will not have to prepare for a hospital stay. What’s more, the procedure can be completed with the patient awake and without anaesthetic. Such a possibility really shows how far medical advances have come.

With no major surgery having taken place, the patient can return home the next day. After a short period of aftercare, they will find that their tremor is reduced. This may allow them to regain some of the abilities they had otherwise lost. Restoring these abilities to them – abilities many of us take for granted like being able to take a drink of water – will give them a little more independence and will allow them to feel hopeful about the future.

If you or a loved one is suffering from essential tremor, there are many things which can be done to improve your situation. Speak to your doctor about one of the options listed here. You may even be eligible for the ultrasound procedure. Take the first few steps to fight your essential tremor today.

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