Let’s Get This Party Started

Throwing a party is exciting, and whether it’s to celebrate a family wedding, New Year’s Eve or Halloween, there’s always a good reason to get friends and family together. After the initial thrill recedes, however, people tend to worry about how they’ll host it, how to frame it and how to plan for it to end on a high note. Fear not: get the main things right, and your guests will have a ball.


Start with the lighting!

You’re bringing light into everyone’s lives by sending out an invitation, so why not start there? Plan your lighting so that everyone’s in the mood for a party as soon as they arrive. Don’t make them feel like they’re walking into a badly lit office. Hang up some Christmas lights and if you can see into the garden from the party, do the same for trees or shrubs outside — it’ll look magical!

Bring out the tunes

Music’s a crucial element, but if you leave it until party night you’ll have quiet dead spots as you’ll probably be filling someone’s glass just when the music needs changing. If you’re playing vinyl, appoint a dedicated DJ if you can. Some people still play CDs, so the same is true there unless you’ve got a multi-CD changer. Even if it’s all coming off your personal MP3 player, put some thought into arranging your ideal playlist, taking note of what sort of music you’d like as guests arrive and whether it’s different from what you had in mind for the dancing. And for New Year’s Eve, whether you watch the countdown on the TV or hear it on the radio, that first track of the new year will stay in the minds of your guests well into January!


Organize the drinks

Halloween’s easier in that you’ve already got a theme, so there’s no need to impose your own dress code. But it’s the end of October, summer’s definitely over, and your guests will need a bit of cheering up. One way to do that is to hire a cocktail waiter so that everyone’s favorites (within reason!) are available. Talk through menus with your waiter and plan for a couple of classic signature cocktails to get the party going. Acaipirinha or adark and stormy, perhaps?

Let the guests take a few photos

Weddings don’t come around every year, especially your own. So if you’re planning one for yourself, a family member or a friend, consider the inspirational lighting ideas, music themes and cocktails, too. In addition, it’s always fun afterwards to look through the photos, right? So why not leave two or three disposable cameras on each table for your guests to snap away on to their hearts’ content, and they may reveal more than anyone planned for you to see.


Create that spark with fireworks

One sure-fire inspirational way to introduce that wow factor is to put on a fireworks display. New Year’s Eve, Halloween or weddings, they go down a treat and are always a reliable crowd-pleaser. With rockets, Catherine wheels and sparklers galore, color, light and noise will announce in style what a serious celebration it is. From small, home-planned affairs to full-blown professional displays timed to music, and everything in between, there’s a plan to suit every budget and every occasion. If you’re doing it yourself, you can try stores like Tesco for the right fireworks for your celebration.

Be excited, be inspired, and most of all, be fired-up!

Image by Nanagyei, used under Creative Commons license


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