Look After Your Health When Working From Home

Working from home has many benefits, but it can also be detrimental to your health if you’re not aware of what can cause bad posture, headaches, and weight gain or weight loss. When you don’t work from an office designed to stave off distractions, your mind is much more likely to meander and you may not think about how your body is reacting to your bad posture, for example.


Mobile Phones

They play a key part in our communication and daily lives but they can also cause posture problems, tendon problems in our hands and headaches. This is, of course, if you use your phone for hours at a time. You would do well to set work hours for yourself, and try not to use it as much during working hours. Many people also find that when they use their mobile during work hours, the combination of the computer screen and the screen of the phone means they suffer from headaches and can lead to lack of work being done because of this. If headaches occur often and are painful, though, it could be wise to go to eye doctors or other professionals.

People at the Door

Friends and family have a way of unpredictably showing up on your doorstep and acting as though you should ask them in. However, if you have a lot of family and friends coming around, the chances are they will bring treats with them, or you will offer them treats – such as cake. This can cause weight gain, teeth problems (because of the sugar). You are working, of course, so if you don’t want to, don’t answer the door, and if you need to, close the blinds and act as though you aren’t home – because you aren’t home, essentially you are at work. If people complain, tell them that you are working and need to treat the time as working hours appropriately.

Where You Live

When you live with others, or if you live in a city or town, it can be hard to not order takeaway when you are busy working at home. There could be many reasons – the people you live with haven’t left enough food for you, or you think you’re too busy to cook so will take the easy (but expensive and unhealthy) way of simply ordering takeaway. But if you want to look after your health, take time to prepare a meal the night before. It is cheaper, healthier, and all you will have to do is heat it up.

More and more of us are working from home, and it can be a difficult transition when you might be used to working in an office. However, working from home is no different to being at the office. Your home is now where you work, so take the time to make it a place where you can work at your best and stay healthy, both in your diet and, effectively, your mind. It will be worth it.

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