Looking After Your Tech In 2017

What’s your resolution for the coming new year? Will 2017 be the year you get into shape? Will it be the year you cut down on drinking? Will it be the year you push for a promotion at work?

You need to have valid goals and the above are admirable, and if you aren’t going to do some of those things, you should still consider it.

Something you’re going to start in 2017 as well as bettering your mind, body, and soul, is to start looking after the tech and gadgets that get you through the day.


It’s time to pay them back.

If you’re like every other human being, you’ve probably got an assortment of tech lying around that you use regularly. You might not care for them as much as you should do, so it’s time to start changing that and get better use out of your gadgets.

If you’ve got a chugging computer, give it a rest. It’s not doing so well and you’re asking too much of it! On a dry day, take it outside and open the case up, if it’s dusty, clean it with a microfibre cloth and some compressed air. Make sure to rid the heatsink and fans of any build-up. That might get your computer firing on all cylinders again, but the truth may sadly be that the components may be outdated. Some new computer components can add new life to your computer and keep it running for longer. New sticks of RAM are likely the most important, but you can’t go wrong with a new graphics card or even a new processor.

But many of us don’t carry around a meaty desktop computer; we have a laptop that you can’t change the parts of easily. That’s ok. We can still run anti-virus software and clean out the files and applications that we no longer use! Even then, we can still give it a good wipe-down to remove grime from the screen and keyboard.

As for the tablets and phones in our bags and pockets, it’s important that we safeguard them from the stresses of modern life. Tempered glass screen protectors will save your screen in the event of a drop and make your handheld gadget look good while doing so. A solid case will also protect your phone and tablet from drops and spills. Of course, you should replace both the screen protector and the case on a regular basis to give you the chance to give the screen and the chassis of the handheld a good clean every once in awhile. Anti-virus apps also exist, so give your tablet and phone a scan every month to ensure your data isn’t compromised.

In 2017, you shouldn’t have to replace a gadget because of your negligence, with your coming resolutions, you’re going to have enough on your plate and your time and money can be better spent on your goals than on broken gadgets.

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