Looking for a fun destination? Choose Durban

Most people visiting South Africa will fly into Johannesburg to explore the hipster scene, experience a safari in Kruger, and then maybe pop down to Cape Town to check out the great wine and admire Table Mountain.

And these are all must-visit spots, but if you’re planning to skip Durban, you’re missing out.

Cape Town is beautiful and glamorous, Joburg is hip and trendy, but Durban is cool.

There’s a reason why a million South Africans head to Durban each summer, and here are just a few reasons why you should choose Durban as your next sunny, fun destination:


The Beachfront

The Golden Mile was redeveloped for the World Cup in 2010, with a brand new boardwalk making it possible for visitors to stroll down the length of the beach. If you find that you’re too hot to walk, you can grab a Zulu rickshaw instead, which is a throwback to 100 years ago when you could find more than 2,000 of them along the docks and streets.
Now, there are around 20 pullers remaining, all of them with decorated rides and beaded headdresses that match.

This beach is notable as it’s one of the few places in South Africa where people from all backgrounds mingle- kids, pensioners, surfers, women wearing burkinis, all hanging out on the well-maintained boardwalk.


The Accommodation

Durban has a wide variety of options for accommodation, from 5-star hotels to hostels, and guesthouses run by locals. One of the best things about the city is the interesting neighbourhoods available to explore, and the chance to stay amongst locals or close to some of the most popular attractions in Durban.

The Stadium

At the end of the Golden Mile, you’ll find the Moses Mbhida Stadium, which was also built for the World Cup. If there’s a match on, grab tickets and soak up the atmosphere, but even if there aren’t any matches while you’re visiting, it’s still worth visiting so you can grab a ride to the top of the arch for an amazing view of Durban. Feel like a dose of adrenaline? Grab the quick way down and take an 80-metre free fall with the Big Rush Big Swing.


The Art

The art museum in Durban was the first in South Africa to begin a collection of African art. You’ll find it inside the neo-Baroque City Hall, which is well worth visiting for the markets that surround it, or to see what shows will be on at the Playhouse Theatre.

The Shopping

In Durban, you’ll find plenty of local designers, meaning you can easily pick up a special piece of art for your home, or antiques, fashion or souvenirs on Helen Joseph Road. Head to Warwick Triangle for a fresh market and check out the many offerings, including herbal remedies to keep your mother-in-law away or even to improve your sex drive.

As you can see, there are many different reasons to visit Durban, so don’t miss this great destination if you’re visiting South Africa.

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