Looking For The Perfect Winter Vacation Destination? Choose Canada

You’ve always dreamed of taking a winter vacation to somewhere snowy, and now you are finally in a position to do it. But with so many fantastic winter destinations to choose from, from Iceland to the snowy French Alps, it can be hard to find that perfect place. It can be hard picking the perfect place, but once you know where you want to go, getting your trip organized will become much simpler. From your price range to the types of experiences that you want to have, you need to keep all of the important stuff in mind when it comes to selecting that perfect destination.

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One destination that is ideal for winter vacations is Canada because it has a range of activities to offer and is a country that really embraces the cold weather and makes the most of it. It also has options suitable for almost all prices ranges, and it’s suitable for all sorts of travel groups, from girl’s getaways and lad’s weekends to family groups. So, if you’re looking for a winter getaway that embraces the cold weather and gives you and your travel buddies the opportunity to experience a lot of different sights, attractions, and activities, Canada could be the perfect place for you.

Still not convinced that Canada could be the perfect winter travel destination? Then keep reading – we’ll soon have you convinced.

Despite being gloomy and dark, it’s a beautiful country.

Yes, come winter Canada becomes somewhat gloomy and dark, but don’t let that put you off of visiting this incredible country. With the summer’s tourists gone, you will be much more likely to get a real feel of what this amazing country is all about. You may not get to see the beautiful green landscapes that Canada is renowned for, but you will get to see some incredible winter sights that if you visited in the warmer months, you would miss out on. Canada is like two different countries, in the summer months it’s warm, luscious, and green, in the winter it’s snow covered, icy and cold, but still just as beautiful. If you’ve always dreamed of seeing snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and magical looking icicles, then Canada is the perfect destination for you.

It’s home to some incredible cities

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Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, is an incredible place. In the winter months, this food-focused town becomes the ultimate winter wonderland. Through January and February, Ottawa welcomes Winterlude, a festival celebrating the cold weather and the art of ice carving. Also home to some amazing museums and art galleries, the winter months are the perfect time to explore them, as there will be no crowds to fight to get through, unlike in the summer months. Just ten minutes down the road from Ottawa is the Nordik Spa, home to seven giant baths, eight saunas, an infinity pool, and various relaxation areas, as well as a retro bistro that serves all manner of delicious foods and drinks, perfect for warming the cockles.

Montreal, one of Canada’s largest cities, is a beautiful place, and somewhere definitely worth exploring. Each year, Montreal holds some amazing winter festivals, including Igloofest – a techno music festival held by the edges of a frozen waterfront, and Montreal en Lumiere, known as ‘Montreal in Lights,’ this festival consists of lots of dancing and lots of eating and is incredibly popular. Montreal is also known for its amazing food scene and is one of Canada’s best destinations for foodies.

You can ski

Are you a keen skier or have you always wanted to learn how to ski? Either way, Canada is the perfect place for a winter break as it’s home to some of the world’s finest skiing resorts.

Whistler, a town north of Vancouver, is home to one of the largest skiing resorts in North America. As well as offering skiing and snowboarding, here you can also toboggan or ski jump, using part of the old Olympic park from the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. There’s a chalet village here, along with plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels.

Another prime skiing destination is Mont Tremblant, which is set amongst the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal. A year-round ski resort, Mont Tremblant is located on the shores of Lake Tremblant and offers an array of watersports, golf courses and other amenities, such as shops, restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as skiing and other winter sports. As you can imagine, with so much on offer, this destination is incredibly popular. However, there are still plenty of Mont Tremblant deals to choose from, making it an affordable destination to visit.

The natural sights are incredible

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Canada is renowned for its out of this world natural sights. However, a lot of people presume these tend to be hidden during the winter months, but that’s not the case. Regardless of what time of year you visit, you can explore some of Canada’s most amazing natural sights. Yes, in the winter they do tend to be covered in snow and ice, but that doesn’t need to stop you exploring them.

Take the Canadian Rockies, for instance. Come winter; this incredible mountain range is transformed into a winter wonderland that’s packed full of wildlife. Here you will find snow-capped mountain peaks, frozen waterfalls, and glacial lakes, as well as a selection of wildlife, including elk and deer. You can explore this incredible area via sleigh ride or gondola, admiring the beauty the comes with winter in Canada.

Columbia Icefield is another beautiful natural sight that is incredible to see during the winter months. If there’s one thing that you have to do while in Canada is book yourself and your travel buddies onto a Glacier Adventure. You will ride on a large ice explorer to see all of the best winter sights on offer here – it’s a once in a lifetime experience and an absolute must.

You see, Canada is an incredible destination for a winter getaway. It has lots to see and do, there are various destinations to choose from, and it doesn’t have to break the bank – what more could you want?


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