Make 2018 A Stress Free Year

As the dawn of a new year slowly creeps up on us, we may be thinking about resolutions before we’ve even had one mouthful of our turkey on Christmas Day. You could, of course, wish to lose the few extra pounds that you put on over the festive period, strive to go to the gym a little more often or make it your mission to train for a marathon. Health and wellbeing figures high up on our potential list of New Year’s resolutions. One aspect of our health that people tend to neglect is our mental wellbeing. It can be hard to quantify what goes on in our heads, so we just put in on the backburner. However, there is no better time than the new year to try and get our minds clearer, our emotions in check and our lives stress free.

Make Time For You

It’s important to learn the art of saying no. This is fundamental to a positive frame of mind and a stress-free life. You may ache to help out your sister with her kids, take gran to bingo every week and be the person in the office to organise the away day. However, if you attempt to carry out so many tasks and activities for others, where is the much needed time for you? Take a step back and think about dedicating some time each week to yourself and your hobbies. If you love nothing more than whacking a ball with an iron club, make sure you spend every Saturday morning strolling around a golf course and taking in eighteen holes. If more adrenaline pumping activities are more your thing, head to the local climbing wall or consider taking up indoor skydiving to give you the rush that’ll help you de-stress.


The simple act of controlled breathing can be enough to get you back on an even keel after a particularly bad day at work. You could take this a step further and enrol in a yoga or mindfulness class to learn the art of breathing. While some people may kick off their shoes after a ten-hour shift and relax with a glass of wine and a cigarette, consider ditching the nicotine for the more natural vaping of CBD dab concentrates. This way your anxiety will lift while not pumping your lungs full of tar and nasties.


Exercise can be a great stress reliever. We are not talking about heading out on a twenty-mile bike ride or embarking on a triathlon, but making time for a gentle stroll every day. The clean air, outdoor environment and natural light will help reinvigorate you and clear your head. You can allow your mind to wander as you take in your surroundings. Alongside the benefits to your mental health, you’ll also be lowering your blood pressure and maintaining a healthy heart.

Even if 2017 has been a particularly stressful year for you, you can draw a curtain on your anxiety-laden twelve months as soon as the clock strikes midnight to ring in the new year. Follow this guide and make 2018 the most positive, healthy and stress-free year to date.

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