Make Sure Your Elderly Loved One Is Kept Safe: Read This!

We don’t want to contribute to the stereotype that elderly people are helpless. There are plenty of people out there who have still “got it” even past the age of 90! But there’s no denying that causes for concern definitely increase when a family member can officially be called elderly.

So if you’re not actually living with that family member, how can you ensure they’re safe? It can be something that weighs on your mind heavily if you don’t take certain steps. Here are a few essential tips for you.

Frequent visits

I’m not sure how you could possibly keep an eye on your elderly loved one if you’re not visiting them frequently! Many may be tempted to simply leave it at frequent phone calls. Phone calls are good, of course, especially when you can’t reach them otherwise. But actually visiting their residence and seeing them will give you much better indications as to their state. You can see if any of their personal grooming or hygiene habits are deteriorating, for example.

Reviewing the house

It’s essential to make sure that the place they live is actually suitable for them. Over time you may find diminished capabilities in movement and sight make a particular residence unfeasible. One of the best ways to tackle this is to make sure everything is safe. Keep important things in reach. Make sure there are no obstacles lying around. You may even want to remove rugs from the property.

Getting assistance

There may come a point where they simply need a bit more help. But not everyone can move in with an elderly family member and they may not even have time to visit them more regularly. This is when you may want to look into something like assisted living. Try opening a dialogue with them about it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long-term thing, the way most people imagine it. It can also be very useful on a short-term basis if that’s all that’s needed!

Don’t stop movin’

If you want to make sure they’re kept safe, then one of the best ways to do that is to keep them strong. And yes, this is going to require exercise! Exercise for elderly people isn’t the impossible feat that a lot of people think it is. And it can definitely help with strength, confidence, and independence. It’s never too late for exercise to have a positive effect on someone’s future. It can help keep them healthier and more limber, which will definitely come in useful in their day-to-day life!


Don’t assume that your elderly loved one is going to be scared of technology! More elderly people are using smartphones than ever. If they don’t have a mobile phone, you should consider getting them one and showing them how to use it. This can help them remain in touch with the outside world should something bad occur. New emergency alert systems can use IoT technology to alert authorities and medics when something out of the ordinary happens. Smart technology can also help when it comes to medication reminders!


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