Making Money When You’re Too Sick To Work

Sickness doesn’t only take a beating on your physical wellbeing – it can also affect your financial wellbeing too. All employers are required to pay statutory sick pay, however this is generally only a small amount and only for a limited time. Often, getting by requires finding other sources of income when ill. Here are a few ways you can stay financially supported when ill.

Work online from home

If your job isn’t physically exertive and all you need is a computer and a phone, you may be able to continue working from home. You may be given less responsibility, which could affect your income, but overall you may be able to make more money than you would do on statutory sick pay.

Some job may be impossible to carry out from home or too mentally draining when ill. Finding other paid jobs online could be the solution. There are lots of small moneymaking schemes out there from getting paid to complete surveys to selling items online to getting paid to write blog posts. You may even be able to find a new full time job such as telemarketing or content writing, or you may be able to think of your own entrepreneurial idea such as crocheting your own home-made clothing or designing websites for people. Sites such as Fiverr are good places to look that allow you to advertise a skill online for a small payment.

Contact citizen’s advice

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau may be able to advise you on any benefits you may be eligible for. There may be certain disability benefits that you can receive if your illness is debilitating. You may also be able to get grants that allow you free supplies such as crutches or home improvements such as grab bars and stairlifts (better suited for more long-term illness). Those earning exceptionally little may be eligible for some form of income support too.

Consider a legal claim

If someone else was responsible for your illness, you could be entitled to make a lawsuit against them. This could include a work related injury that could be reason to sue an employer, a car accident injury that was someone else’s fault or a case of medical malpractice such as a botched surgery. Whilst these cases are rare, it’s worth looking into them. Companies such as Quittance are able to deal with all forms of legal claim. This could earn you a sum of money which could be then used to help fund your recovery.

Contact your local council

If you’re struggling to pay rent, you may be entitled to a housing benefit. This only applies if you are earning under a certain amount and can be discussed with a member of your local council. You should also check if there are any other local benefits that you can apply for. There may be local charities that can help if you’re in a dire situation that needs financial support and have no family or friends to turn to.

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