Making Your Debut With Your New Product

Moving away from that secure full-time income was a great idea yesterday, but today you’re panicking about your new self-employed career. The side hustle you’ve carefully been growing for the past couple of years is now so successful, it’s become your main income. That product you’ve been selling out on Etsy and Facebook is now making enough noise for you to have been able to let go of the secure income. Don’t panic though, breaking out into the market isn’t going to be an easy time but that doesn’t mean you won’t be a success.

The top challenge for you is going to be budgeting for your marketing. You need to get your product out there as much as possible and so far, you’ve been using the free social media at your disposal. Now you need to go a little bigger and take a look at to get your funding for the next step in your marketing efforts. Unless you are lucky enough to have a business angel on your side, a small business loan is exactly what you need to be successful. Here are some of the best ways that you can take your product to the next step, no matter what your marketing budget is!

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Guerrilla. Guerrilla marketing is one of the most memorable ways that people think of a product and in your new career, you will be relying on being memorable to bring as much new business in as possible. Hiring a flash mob for a busy train station to market what you do can bring in the crowds and place the attention on your brand.

Content. Customers love content and as you are now a jack of all trades in running your business, you need to get on it with your content. Take classes if you need to, hire a freelancer if you can’t find the time, but you need to come up with compelling content. You didn’t give up your steady job to step into self-employment for it to fail, so get your content on point.

Freebies. You’re new to all this, so giving away free stuff may seem counterproductive when you are trying to make money, but everyone loves freebies. Make some goody bags up and set up stalls where you can so that you can not only market your product, but yourself. You are working for yourself now and when you’re a new seller for a new business, people will want to know who you are. Freebies can butter them up to get you the contacts that you need, as well as new customers.

Taking the challenge to work for yourself is not one that should ever be gone into lightly. You need to have a solid business plan and getting advice from careers advocates and the bank is the best route to begin with. You need to be looking ahead to market yourself as best you can, so that your business and career can smash through the market.

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