Making Your Home Comfortable, At Last

When is a house, a home? When it’s actually comfortable to live in…

Ask yourself, what is the point of committing your life to live in a loveless box? Your home deserves as much love and attention as you do and committing yourself to a home that isn’t comfortable is just like committing yourself to a relationship that won’t work.

In a word, it’s not going to work – is it?

It’s your job to make your home as comfortable and liveable as possible so your home can return the favor and become a chill-out zone for you to escape the stresses of modern life.

So how do you start? Well, it’s probably worth getting some comfy furniture sorted out. Your lounge should be the perfect place for you to chill out after a hard day at work and that begins with a nice sofa. The sofa is a great piece of furniture to spread out on and nap, but you can also cuddle up with a partner and enjoy a film on it! Following that, a good armchair should be something you can sink into with a hot drink and a good book and stay there for hours. A lounge is a place where you can put your feet up!

Following the lounge is the bedroom. This needs to be comfiest room in your entire household and that starts with a decent bedframe. Don’t opt for cheap pine and metals which will rock and sway until it eventually collapses into a depressing heap. A good bedframe should be made out of a recogniseable, solid wood and be stained well. That being said, the mattress laid on top is more important. A good mattress should last you a decade, so shop around, test various options out and buy the best mattress for your health and posture. You can’t go wrong with memory foam, though.

A place to eat won’t go amiss in your house and even though you may want to crash out on the sofa with a pizza, this isn’t suitable all of the time. A dining room or even a dining table can be a good thing for your frame of mind. Get the food on the table, not in your lap. You’ve even got a good place to host a dinner party, or even a normal party!

Regardless of the room or use, a bespoke piece of furniture can really help gear your mindset towards changing your house into a home. A solid piece will look fantastic for many years to come and really become something you can build a home around.

Now we’ve equipped your home with some furniture, it’s time to think about other things. What type of person are you? Your home should be a reflection of that, because after all, it’s your home! It’s your space and your hub, so it should be all about you.

What does that mean though? If you’re a fan of darkness, should every room be painted slick jet black? Well that is a decision we will leave to your capable hands, but you should try and make each room reflect your lifestyle at least a little.

For example, if you’re into Buddhism, why not purchase art and ornaments that reflect that? Purchase a few ornate incense burners and scatter them around your home and it will start to reflect your interests! That’s a home!

Ideally every single room in your home should provide you with comfort, so walk around your house and ask yourself: ‘what could make this room cosier?’ of course, most ways to solve that question are going to cost money, but the chores you can do around your house to ensure it is cosy and clean will only cost your energy!

There are a few admin tasks and chores you need to do around the house to keep it the best place of comfort for yourself, though. You’ll need to insure that your home is regularly cleaned, either by your own hand or a hired cleaners. A clean home prevents added stress and is a genuinely nice place to wind down in. Wash up your dishes, vacuum the floor and dust! These are small tasks, but allowing to build up can really ruin your spirit.

You’ll also need to regularly ensure that you do your laundry. Piles of dirty sheets and clothes are not nice and will stress you out regularly. It’s an easy task and will be over before you know it.

Cleaning and organisation of the home is so very important to keeping the home comfortable. Not just because the home looks clean and tidy, but it will keep dirt and the pests and home invaders that dirt brings. You’ll have less chance of an infestation if you keep your home free of dirt and muck.

What about the actual house? Temperature is something that obviously changes regularly with the passing of the days and the seasons. Central heating can ensure a toasty home in the winter and air conditioning helps throughout the summer months. Look up your local air con suppliers to help with this. Regulating the temperature of your home isn’t only fantastic for comfort, it’s going to do your health wonders. There’s nothing worse than shaking with the cold in winter or staying up all night with a thick sweat because of the summer heat. Owning a temperature regulation option or two ensures your home is a palace of comfort all year round.

Making a home comfortable is something we should all find the time to do, because it’s what we and our homes deserve. It might cost time, money and effort, but at the end of the task, you can sit back, relax and look upon what you have created: a comfortable home for all seasons. There’s not many who can claim to own what you’ve made and you should be proud. Unfortunately, the work will never end as now you’ll be constantly looking for ways to improve your household. Good luck with that!


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